Why Hasn't MTV Announced The VMAs Performers Yet? Hopefully, There's A Lot Of Great Surprises On The Horizon — UPDATE

We are less than a week out from the 2015 MTV VMAs, and I'm pretty excited. Although I'm a huge fan of the more prestigious, glam award shows like the Oscars and the Emmys, I really love the VMAs because of the unpredictability. It's not just pretty people in pretty dresses — sometimes it's nude-colored body suits and foam fingers. And speaking of foam fingers, I can't wait to see Miley Cyrus host the VMAs this year, because say what you want about that girl, but she knows how to keep an audience entertained. So, who else will be up on stage with Cyrus? Well, as of right now, MTV hasn't released the list of VMAs performers. The show airs Sunday, Aug. 30, and there's no performer list yet? What gives?!

(Update: On Aug. 25, MTV announced that the following musicians will perform at the VMAs: Demi Lovato, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, A$AP Rocky, Tori Kelly, Pharrell, and Twenty One Pilots.)

The television station has shared a few details about the show, though. Earlier this month, Nick Jonas announced that he'd be performing his single, "Levels," for the first time on the VMAs, and on Tuesday, MTV announced that Kanye West would be receiving the 2015 Video Vanguard Award, the same honor that was bestowed upon Beyoncé last year when she graced us all with an amazing performance of so many of her hit singles. I'm excited to see West do the same at this year's show. But still, where's the performer's list, guys?!

Of course, there's probably a very good reason that MTV is keeping it from us. Maybe there's some big reveal planned! Being that Taylor Swift is premiering her music video for "Wildest Dreams" at the show, I'm hoping that means she'll be performing it, too. And after that, maybe One Direction will perform a song all about how they're not going on hiatus anymore and that the impossible has happened and Zayn is coming back. OK, so that's prooobably not happening, but I can dream, can't I?

Being that it's so close to showtime, MTV probably has something up their sleeves (you know, besides torturing all of us who want to know who's performing) planned for the big reveal. If I had to guess, I'd say the network decided to skip out on a big announcement in favor of hitting us with a ton of surprises when Sunday rolls around. I'm OK with it, but after all this waiting, it better be good. Like, Beyoncé riding in on Anna Kendrick's shoulders good.

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