We Tried 6 Flavored Lubes So You Don't Have To

Lube always appears on lists geared toward how to enhance sex. Whether you're looking to give a better hand job, enjoy masturbation more, or spice up sex with a partner, lube can be an easy, fun solution. It's wet, reduces friction, and just makes the whole experience a lot smoother. But what about flavored lube? You've probably heard of it or even seen it at the sex toy shop, but does flavored lube taste good? With a billion flavors available — even weed lube is a thing — you'd think there's pretty big market out there for it. But who is buying cherry or sour apple flavored lube exactly? And do we really want our partner's bodies tasting like artificial fruits?

Like regular lube, flavored lube, is made with the purpose of improving your sexual experience — specifically anything using your mouth. So whether you're licking pumpkin spice lube off a penis, coconut lube off a stomach, or bacon lube off a vagina, the idea is that everything will taste mouthwateringly good. But we decided to confirm that.

We put six lubes to the test to determine what they taste really like, if they taste good, and if we'd ever use them. Take a look below

Here are the lubes we tested and some of the best descriptions from the taste test.

1. Chocolate Lube

"It tastes like a not-great chocolate milkshake."

2. Watermelon

"It tastes like something you have when you first start drinking — like some kind of gross, fizzy soda-booze."

3. Raspberry Sorbet

"The worst creamsicle of all time."

4. Vanilla Cream

"This tastes like decomposed Bonne Bell."

5. Unflavored Warming

"Is it supposed to hurt?"

6. Strawberry

"It kind of tastes like the '90s. I think this is lip gloss."

Perhaps Associate Lifestyle Editor Kathryn Kattalia summed it up when she said: "I don't understand why you would have chocolate lube when you could just use chocolate."

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