8 Times Shannon Beador Was A Really Great Mom On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County'

Did anyone else’s heart break during Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Shannon and her family went out for her 51st birthday and her daughter tried to defuse the tension that was clearly brewing between her parents? Probably the hardest part for me was when they cut to a one-on-one with Shannon talking about how much she worries that her children are suffering because of her marital problems. I just wanted to reach into that television set and give that housewife a hug. Because there are so many examples on the Real Housewives of Orange County that prove that Shannon Beador is an awesome mom to her three daughters.

Being a mother is hard enough as it is: The lack of sleep, the worry, the self-doubt. So I can only imagine how all of that gets magnified when your family is falling apart. Shannon and David, who have been open about David’s infidelity on this season of RHOC , have worked hard to save their marriage and keep their family together. And Shannon has been candid about the fact that she worries how this trauma to their relationship is affecting their kids. But, these moments prove that Shannon absolutely doing a phenomenal job of raising her kids:

1. When She Disciplined Them For TP-ing A House


Unlike parents who might brush this off as a harmless prank, Shannon sat her girls down and explained the consequences of their actions. Sure, the girls weren’t entirely up for listening, but she laid down the law — and hopefully, now they know this isn’t something they can get away with in the future.

2. When She Sat By Her Husband As He Apologized To Their Kids


That must have taken a lot of guts and a lot of courage. But, Shannon was not embarrassed as David apologized to his daughter for stepping outside of their marriage, and I totally commend her for that.

3. When She Had Her Own Life


Because it’s important that kids see that their parents have their own passions. How else are they going to learn how to follow their own?

4. When She Worried About Their Health


OK, so it was a little crazy when she said they couldn’t have a cell phone because of the radiation risks, but you have to give her props for caring about their well-being.

5. When She Helped Them Pack For Camp


Even if she did ply them with more herbal remedies than I would know what to do with.

6. When She Vowed To Keep Her Family Together


She’s said it over and over again: Divorce is not an option. Not for her and not for her family. Even though, after that kind of betrayal, she would be totally justified in walking away.

7. When She Made Family Dinner A Priority


With all the craziness going on these days with work and school and schedules, Shannon knows to prioritize together time.

8. When She Was Honest With Her Kids


Most kids know what’s going on, even if the parents try to hide it from them. But Shannon was smart: Instead trying to keep the truth of her marriage's turmoil to herself, she was open with them about it. Instead of silencing any questions or concerns they had, this allowed for some super sweet conversations about important things like family and loyalty. Plus if she can talk openly about what’s going on with her girls, she can also be there for them when they are confused or concerned.

After a rough year with her family, I can understand why Shannon would worry about her kids suffering in light of her marital problems. But, it’s clear that she really is doing the best that she can with what life has dealt her. After all, when life hands this housewife lemons, she definitely knows what to do with them.

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