8 Things Saturday Night Live Season 41 Needs, From Trump To Taylor Swift's Girl Squad

Summer is winding down and the 2016 Presidential election is starting to heat up — so, thankfully, NBC's Saturday Night Live Season 41 premieres on Oct. 3, hosted by Miley Cyrus. After what has felt like a long summer, there are a lot of things that SNL Season 41 will definitely need to have when it returns, because so much has happened. Everyone and their mom seems to be running for president and there have already been plenty of political gaffes. And don't even get me started on how Donald Trump is so out-there outspoken that it might actually be difficult to parody him. But I'm sure SNL will definitely try. (And probably succeed.)

The long-running late-night sketch comedy series always seems to hit its stride during interesting election years, which 2016 is certainly shaping up to be. Politics aside, this season's hosts look to be ace — after Cyrus, Amy Schumer will host on Oct. 10 and former SNL cast member Tracy Morgan will make his triumphant return to the show on Oct. 17. His appearance will be the first on the show since he was seriously injured in a 2014 car wreck. "I love comedy," Morgan said on the Today show in June. "I’ll never stop loving her. I love comedy and I can’t wait to get back to her, but my goal right now is just to heal and get better cause I’m not 100% yet. And when I’m there you’ll know it. I’ll get back to making you laugh, I promise you."

Personally, I hope that means we'll get a Brian Fellows return engagement, too. But, wishful thinking aside, here's what SNL Season 41 absolutely needs to have.

1. All Of The Candidates. All Of Them.

Hillary Clinton. Chris Christie. Marco Rubio. Scott Walker. Mike Huckabee. Carly Fiornia. Jeb Bush. Deez Nuts. I'm probably missing about 20 other ones. How many will still be standing by the time October rolls around? And how many can SNL handle?

2. Donald Trump, Especially

And then there's the Donald. Oh my, where to even begin. If there's any show that can make sense of his campaign, it's SNL (especially since Jon Stewart retired).

3. Taylor Swift's Girl Squad

I might be exposing my nerd side by saying this, but Swift reminds me of one of those katamari balls, which roll around and collect all objects it comes into contact with and gets larger and larger. I feel like T Swift's been doing that, but with besties. SNL, please do something on this. Kate McKinnon can stop in to do her excellent Justin Bieber impression, too.

4. Ashley Madison Mockery

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If we're still talking about the hack exposing this infidelity website in October, I could see SNL totally nailing a sketch about it.

5. Another Hilarious Song Short With Miley

One of my favorite things Cyrus has ever done on SNL is the "We Did Stop (The Government)" parody of her "We Can't Stop" video. Here's hoping she teams up with SNL for another fun short when she hosts again in October.

6. More Awesome SNL Filmed Shorts In General

These live action shorts are always so much fun.

7. More Awesome Original Characters

Sure, all the political and entertainment satire is fun with spot-on impressions, but SNL is also a great place for original characters to be born. Just remember: SNL is the birthplace of Matt Foley, Wayne's World, Mango, the Roxbury Guys, The Californians, Stefon, Drunk Uncle, and so many more. Who's next? I can't wait to see.

8. Be More Diverse

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

SNL has received criticism due to its lack of diversity. While it has improved recently, I would like to see the show really make an effort to become even more inclusive this year.

And there better be a Brian Fellows return. I'm just sayin'.

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

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