Taylor Swift + John Legend = Vocal Perfection

by Kadeen Griffiths

While those of us who can't afford to attend every Taylor Swift concert were asleep in our beds, dreaming of the weekend, Taylor Swift and John Legend performed "All Of Me" together at the 1989 Tour, because — get this — Swift heard that Legend and Chrissy Teigen were on their way to the show and asked Legend if he felt like performing the song with her. Because, you know, she just has the name of another very famous pop star on speed dial and can call in favors whenever she wants. As the list of Swift's 1989 Tour guests continues to get longer and more random, there are times when she just truly and utterly knocks a number out of the park, not because of the shock value of the surprise guest but because of the majesty of the song. "All Of Me" was practically tailor made (see what I did there) for Swift and Legend to sing together.

The thing is, Swift is friends with a lot of other musicians, to the point where it's becoming kind of glaring to me that she still has yet to release a joint album — or even an album full of duets — with each and every single one of them. If her performance with Legend made anything clear, it's that he, above and beyond any other friend that she has, should be the one she releases this concept album with. After all, they both dominate within the same genre, but obviously coming from two different styles and points of view, and, seriously, listen to them.

I can even suggest a title for said song: Shake It Off Of Me. No? How about All Blank Space? Either way, the combination of Swift and Legend's vocals will probably give you goosebumps, and you'll totally understand why you can barely hear them over the audience screaming so loudly. I mean, I'm not saying the two pop stars should do things just because everybody seems to want it, but I am saying that I can't think of a single person out there who would object to Legend and Swift teaming up for a song if not a whole album.

Imagine it guys. They could be the next Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. They could put out a joint album before Jay Z and Beyoncé. They don't even realize it, but Legend and Swift could literally rule the world with their vocals. (You know, even more so than they already are.) In fact, ever since they took the stage, fans have been losing their minds and talking about little else on social media.

Maybe we'll get lucky, and Swift will call Legend up about doing a song together just as easily as she called him up about doing a duet. Never say never, Swifties.