Can You Guess Which Fictional Characters These Top Drawers Belong To? — PHOTOS

Honesty hour: I live vicariously through the lives of fictional characters more often than I bother living my own. I know I'm far from alone in following that bliss, which is exactly why you're all about to geek out as hard as I am about this photo series of what's in the top drawers of fictional characters. I'm not going to give any of them away, because you should definitely experience the magic of guessing which character each picture belongs to for yourself. (And then obviously go buy all the things in the picture from your fave, so you can Instagram it and be TWINS.)

The photo series was commissioned by the creative networking site Hiive after their successful series on what's in the top drawer of Hiive members. You can see a bunch of people who are way more Insta-savvy than I am sharing their images on the #whatsinyourtopdrawer hashtag on Twitter. In the meantime, those of us who are too classless to buy IKEA furniture that has a top drawer included (hi) will be massively enjoying all the depictions of fictional top drawers from all of our favorite characters, photographed by Harry Mitchell. Test your inner pop culture nerd and see if you can guess who these belong to:

Who is geeking out over science and photography?

None other than my future husband, Spider-Man. But this was an easy one. A warm-up. Brace yourself, the top drawers are coming.

Who is this very suave seeming gent?

If the Lucky Strike wasn't enough to give it away, then obviously you haven't gone on enough Mad Men benders on Netflix to recognize Don Draper.

Who is this New Zealand enthusiast?

Bonus points if you recognized Murray Hewitt from Flight Of The Conchords.

Who is rocking this retro Macbook?

As someone who frequently overshares about my romantic life as a job, it would basically be a cardinal sin for me not to recognize Carrie Bradshaw's top drawer when I see it.

Who is clearly living their best life, one bunny ear at a time?

The answer is Bridget Jones, but I'll allow a half point for anyone who guessed Elle Woods.

So how did you do? You can test your knowledge by checking out the rest of the images on Hiive here. In the meantime, I will be working on my #TopDrawerGoals so I can one day be as iconic and Instagram-worthy as all of our heroes above.

Images: Courtesy of Hiive