Devan & Rylan Are In Love On ‘Catfish,’ But It Could Result In Heartbreak

With Max gone — again — Nev and special co-host Todrick Hall are going fishing to reel in a woman who might be playing with a shy boy's heart. On this Wednesday's Catfish , Devan and Rylan — the girl Devan has been talking to for a year and a half — could meet face-to-face with a little help from Nev and Todrick. But, as Shakespeare said, "the course of true love never did run smooth," and this is no exception. Like all Catfish episodes, Devan runs the risk of having his heart broken after learning the truth behind the person he's been communicating with on the computer.

It usually takes a lot for me to feel bad for people who get themselves into "catfish" like situations, since they choose to start a relationship on the web where nothing is as it seems. But with Devan, you can't help but want this guy to win in the end. He is shy, he is unassuming, he truly seems to want Rylan to be the woman she says she is. Odds are, that's not the case — since it is very rarely the case — but maybe, just maybe, there's hope for these two to succeed.

Here's what we know about Devan and Rylan's story.

Devan Is Shy With Women

Devan admits that if he saw a girl "in the club" that he wanted to talk to, he would be too shy to go up and talk to her. That's why the Internet was a great icebreaker; it allowed him to reach out to Rylan, without the nerves.

Rylan Needs Someone To Make Her Happy

Rylan has told Devan that she doesn't have that great of a home life, which is why Devan wants to "give her a place to be happy." (Is your heart breaking for this guy yet?) According to Devan, Rylan has a bad relationship with her dad, and her mother belittles her.

Devan Has Sent Rylan Money

This is where it gets real. Devan — being the kind-hearted person he is — has actually sent Devan money when she told him she needed help with gas money. That's quite the investment into a relationship that might not even work out.

Devan Has Tried To Meet Rylan

The two have never used FaceTime — natch — so Devan told Rylan he would drive to her uncle's house to meet her. When he got there, the man that answered the door said that no one by the name of Rylan lived there. Shady. But, Rylan explained it to Devan as her uncle didn't know who Devan was — hurtful — so he lied to him. Hmmm...

Will Devan have his heart broken by Rylan, or is there an excuse for all of her shady behavior? I'm rooting for the latter, but fear Devan will be blasting “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia on the car ride home.

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