Would ‘Big Brother’ 17 Houseguests Vote For Vanessa To Win If She Makes It To The Final Two?

There are only a few weeks left in the Big Brother house. Soon, the final two houseguests will be named, and the BB17 jury members will vote to determine who should win the game. And, as the time gets closer for the winner to take their prize, I stop thinking so much about the weekly evictions and start thinking about how the evicted will vote when it comes down to the final two. It’s always this time in the season that I take a look at who is left and focus more on how they’ve been playing the game. Like, is there any way for Austin to win? Is there any way for Vanessa to win? Have they played an admirable game or have they spent the entire summer backstabbing and making enemies of everyone else?

Take Vanessa: She is a great player — she has to be to have stayed in the game this long — but her strategy has totally alienated her from the other players, and now they're onto her in a big way. So, even if she makes it all the way to the final two, would the houseguests vote for Vanessa to win? Because, even if she did make it all the way to the end, I'm thinking the thing that got her there in the first place — her tough as nails strategy — could be just the thing to seal the deal on her not winning the final prize.

Staying in the house the entire time is only part of the battle. The final two houseguests have to also consider how the jury members will vote for them if they even make it into the final two. Which basically means that you somehow have to do everything possible to keep yourself in the house without pissing everyone else off.

Um, yeah. Totally doable.

And if you’re someone like Vanessa — someone who has played the game hard all season long — chances are people aren’t going to be too happy with you by the end. Already, she has most likely lost the vote of everyone in her alliance: Shelli was over her the minute she got evicted, and now Austin and the twins are looking for a way to evict her without getting her blood on their hands. John can’t stand her, and never has been able to, and James, Becky, and Meg are pretty much her sworn enemies. I think the only chance Vanessa has for a vote going her way is Steve.

So is it possible that Vanessa could win the game? Sure. Expect the unexpected, right? But considering how many people she has pissed off, I would be very surprised if any of the houseguests would actually vote her for her to win, even if she made it into the final two.

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Image: CBS (3)