9 Reasons Vanessa Is Killin' It On 'BB17'

Each season of Big Brother brings at least one tough player who makes their name known from the get-go. For Big Brother 17, that player is Vanessa Rousso. As much as I hate to admit it (because I really want Johnny Mac to take home the $500,000), Vanessa will probably win BB17 , because she is a great game player, is powerful in the comps, tells convincing lies, and her strategic game is on point. Vanessa has been pulling strings this entire season, which proves she'll most likely win — and she deserves it, too.

Ever since entering the house, Vanessa has been a force to be reckoned with. She can cause panic across the entire household in a matter of minutes, and it usually ends up benefitting her game. Hello, she is still in the house, even after Becky nominated her alongside Shelli. Basically, Vanessa is a beast and the entire BB17 cast could learn a thing or two from her. You might not be a fan or might not be rooting for her, but if you really think about it she's the one truly playing the best game and playing the hardest. Before you call her a liar or master manipulator (which she totally is) like it's an insult, remember, isn't that what Big Brother is all about? You gotta do what you gotta do to take home that big chunk of change.

With that said, here are nine ways Vanessa has pulled strings throughout the season proving she's totally going be this season's winner.

1. Being Paranoid All The Time

Have you noticed how paranoid Vanessa is? She always think she's being backdoored and doesn't like not knowing the Head of Household's plan. She'll walk around frantic and bug someone until she knows exactly what is happening inside the house. Eventually, secrets and plans are shared with her, and she manages to save herself from eviction along the way.

2. Telling Lies Left & Right

Remember that time Vanessa told Steve that Jackie wanted to backdoor him, but Jackie's real target was Austin? Oh, Vanessa. You are so smart with those lies. Everyone gets mad, but, hey, telling lies works to her advantage.

3. Using Her Professional Poker Skills

Does anyone in the house know that Vanessa is a professional poker player? No wonder she gets paid to play cards, lie, and hide her tells, because she is freaking amazing at it.

4. Being A Master Manipulator

Vanessa can manipulate with the best of them. An HoH will be dead set on evicting someone, but their mind soon changes as soon as they talk to Vanessa. She can manipulate them into thinking what she wants, all while convincing them to vote out someone they weren't really considering. Just like Austin deviating from his plan to backdoor Vanessa.

5. Killing It At Competitions

She knows how to win competitions. Enough said.

6. Twisting The Truth

There are times Vanessa straight out lies, but there are other times she twists the truth to her advantage.

7. Pulling On People's Heart Strings

Those tears aren't for nothing. What better way to get someone to trust you and not nominate or evict you than by pulling on their heart strings? That's perfect game play, if I do say so myself.

8. Getting Others To Do Her Dirty Work

Vanessa doesn't like getting blood on her hands, so she gets everyone else to do her dirty work.

9. Telling The Truth... Sometimes

That's right, sometimes she owns up to the things she did. For example, Vanessa came clean to Austin about her former plan to backdoor him, which made Austin respect her even more — and not nominate her.

A lot of America is rooting for her, so even if she doesn't take home the whopping $500,000, she's already won a lot of hearts. Plus, some people (like me) who don't even want her to win understand that she kind of deserves it, so clearly she's doing something right. I don't know about you, but I think if there is another Big Brother: All-Stars, Vanessa should definitely play.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; jvhnnymac/Tumblr