Karlie Kloss Gave A Supermodel Makeover To 2 Teens From The Make-A-Wish Foundation — VIDEO

It hasn't been long since Karlie Kloss began her YouTube channel and already the model has shared some super entertaining, but also super heartwarming events. With the help of Make-A-Wish foundation, Karlie Kloss gave a supermodel makeover to two teens with "life-threatening medical conditions" and made their dreams of becoming a model come true. On her YouTube channel, Kloss vlogged the entire day and the transformations were so exciting. I felt like I was vicariously experiencing the joys that the girls, Shannon and Maddie, were going through.

The video opens up with Kloss talking about how Make-A-Wish has always been dear to her heart and how she is grateful to be able to work with them. Kloss takes us through her day as she meets Shannon and Maddie and guides them through racks of clothes for the fitting process. After coming back from lunch, Kloss is really shocked at the girls' transformations. "We have two different looks — one a little more edgy, more you know, kinda rocker chick and the other one like super mega babe with her blonde curls." Then when it was time to strut their stuff in front of a camera, both girls looked like naturals. It was seriously unreal.

You've got to check out their skills in Kloss' vlog below:

Klossy on YouTube