Jorge Ramos & Megyn Kelly Have One Gigantic Thing In Common & They Should Totally Start A Club

On Wednesday, Univision reporter and anchor Jorge Ramos appeared on Megyn Kelly's nightly broadcast of The Kelly File to discuss what seems like the one thing Ramos and Kelly have in common: Donald Trump doesn't like them. Not to mention, they don't seem too fond of him either. Ramos was escorted out of a press conference held by Trump in Iowa on Tuesday after he tried to ask a question about Trump's proposed immigration policy. In kicking Ramos out, Trump said, "Go back to Univision." He later let Ramos back in and took his questions, but it was their earlier interaction that far and away stole the show.

On Fox News on Wednesday night, Kelly asked Ramos what is was like to be treated that way by Trump, a billionaire presidential frontrunner. Ramos quickly replied, "You know exactly how it feels," referencing Kelly's widely publicized run-in with Trump at the GOP debate earlier this month. Kelly just returned this week from a family vacation, but before that, she had been a target of Trump's because of questions she asked him at the debate, which he thought were unfair.

Kelly and Ramos both asked Trump tough questions — something that Ramos is proud to do when it comes to politicians. Now they can join forces in a Trump not-fan club. Trump might start one of his own directed toward both of them. At a later point in the interview, Kelly said, "He clearly is not a fan of yours," to which Ramos replied, "Neither yours."

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Aside from their shared experiences with The Donald, the Kelly-Ramos interview seemed somewhat tense. Kelly clearly didn't want to talk about the bone she has to pick with Trump, as she quickly laughed off both of the comments that Ramos made in reference to it. This is to be expected, though, as Kelly has remained relatively quiet about the comments that Trump made toward her following the debate. (After all, she just returned from a 10-day family vacation — Trump is probably the last person she wants to talk or hear about.) Kelly's decision to brush off the attempts that Ramos made to find common ground with her could suggest the not-fan club won't be getting jackets any time soon, although it did help to keep the interview on track and professional.

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Ultimately, Wednesday night's interview gave Ramos an opportunity to tell his side of the story. He doesn't think, as Trump maintains, that he spoke out of turn. Rather, he told Kelly that he found an opening in the question-and-answer portion of the event and he decided to take advantage of the opportunity. "It happens all the time," he said. Kelly agreed that it's business as usual for members of the media at press conferences.

Image: Fox News