How To Stream Shark Weekend 2015 Online Since These Sharks Aren't Going To Geek Out Over Themselves

Amazing news, guys. Shark Week 2015 already came and went in early July. But Discovery has decided to bless viewers with one more dedicated program block that's all about celebrating and understanding these oceanic predators. Shark Weekend (#SHWeekend) is about to happen, and there are lots of different ways to watch. For example, you can stream Shark Weekend online if you want.

Over the next couple of days, Discovery will not only re-air Shark Week favorites like Island Of The Mega Shark and Bride of Jaws. The network will also be premiering several new specials for armchair marine biologists to totally nerd out over. Mythbusters vs. Jaws has Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, the kings of curiosity, embarking on some shark-related experiments; Shark Alley: Legend Of Dynamite swims with the Great Whites on Dyer Island off the coast of South Africa; and Air Jaws: Walking With Great Whites follows renowned shark photographer Chris Fallows and expert diver Dickie Chivell as they make themselves at home in a Great White habitat, safely inside their personal underwater vehicles. I got the science goosebumps already.

But, Shark Weekend is a weekend, after all. And, maybe you've got social duties to take care of ("Who schedules a birthday party on SHWeekend, Karen?") or other life circumstances that leave you unable to be in front of a television for a fresh round of shark shows. So, can you stream Discovery's Shark Weekend programming?

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The first step, besides checking to make sure that Karen's birthday party bar has WiFi, is to see if your cable provider has an app that enables live streaming. This capability is becoming more and more common, as companies are realizing that people just watch TV differently these days. Sling TV is an service with a lot of potential. Right now, the $20 a month streaming service includes access to ESPN, HGTV, Disney Channel, and more, with bonus packages available too. They don't have Discovery yet, but hopefully the channel will be added by the time Shark Week 2016 rolls around.

Many of the Shark Week 2015 specials that Discovery will be playing in reruns this weekend are already available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay. Discovery's website has handy links to all of those pay-to-watch options on their website. Amazon also offers a "Season Pass" package of 12 Shark Week 2015 programs for a flat rate price of $17.99. The iTunes full season costs $19.99 but also includes 5 episodes of the talk show Shark After Dark , featuring celebrity shark enthusiasts like Kevin Smith and Adam Rodriguez; and Sharktacular, a "Best Of" clip show hosted by Eli Roth.

Discovery has a ton of complementary shark content on their website, including several live streams. You'll be shocked at how much of your day you can while away zoning out in front of the peaceful Live Shark Reef Cam, which keeps tabs on an underwater ecosystem at the Baltimore Aquarium. There are more action-packed options too, if you prefer a little more teeth: the Shark Cage Cam, a Hammerhead Cam, Mega Shark Cam, and others, are tagged with the warning "Raw."

So though Discovery doesn't have its own dedicated streaming network, there are several options for getting your shark fix on the go. Either way, happy #SHWeekend!

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