Coffee Lids With Kissing Lips Will Make You Feel Better About Being Single AF — PHOTOS

Fresh out of the "Maybe I Won't Die Alone!" starter pack comes the next new product guaranteed to make us single folk feel better about ourselves: these coffee cup lids with human faces on them. Now while all of your romantically stable friends kiss their mates goodbye in the morning, YOU TOO can join in the fun when you can get an extra caffeinated kiss from your cuppa joe. Basically everybody who joked about how coffee is bae or how coffee is better than sex are now eating — nay, drinking — those words.

Korean designer Jang WooSeok is the mastermind behind these ridiculously awesome coffee lips. "I love both coffee and kisses," he wrote to Bustle. "I always have coffee a day, but kiss [I] can't. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people have a pure joy when walking around kiss lid in hand."

The faces are still completely functional as lids, with the hole for the coffee on the bottom lip. They start production next week, which is just enough time for you to burn Tinder off of your phone so you can be with your ~one true love~ once and for all. I mean, just look how happy these couples are:

Woo-Seok shared that initially, he only had the lips on the prototype. After testing it out, he decided that adding a nose was crucial to mimicking the actual intimacy of experiencing a kiss, which brings us to this final product. The face of it is actually designed based on Grecian standards of beauty, so now your coffee isn't just hot — it's ~hot~. And the best part about this new S.O. of yours? It never tells you to lay easy on the caffeine.

And just in case you've run out of ideas to keep the #ForeverAlone blues at bay, here are a few other products on the market guaranteed to prevent you from buying that fifth cat for at least another half hour:

1. A Boyfriend Pillow

Nope, nothing creepy about this severed quarter of a human man at all, MOVE ALONG.

DHGate, $20.54.

2. The Human Hand Selfie Stick

Apparently the key to curing loneliness is ... dismembering people?

3. Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend

This app will actually, genuinely, FOR REAL pretend to be your S.O. But only for a limited number of texts and a whopping $25 a month. Guess you can't put a price on true love?

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Images: Courtesy of Jang WooSeok; DHGate