Karlie Kloss Gives Make-A-Wish Foundation Teens A Makeover To Remember, Makes You Want To Be Her Best Friend

If you need proof that this model is totally unstopabble (and has a heart of gold) take a look at the latest video on her YouTube channel, Klossy, where Karlie Kloss gives two Make-A-Wish teens a makeover and a gives them each a supermodel moment of their very own.

In the video, posted on Wednesday, Kloss takes two fledgling superstars, Shannon and Maddii under her Victoria's Secret sanctioned wings, providing them with the full deluxe red carpet treatment. The Klossy video documents the entire makeover process from start to finish, beginning with hair and makeup, of course, and ending in a full-blown photo shoot with photographer Russell James and stylist Rachel Wirkus.

The girls look totally glamorous and runway ready in their post-makeover makeup and apparel. The pair wore adorable frothy pink dresses, and even got to do the shoot complete with their very own set of Angel wings. Kloss better watch out, these girl's are already such naturals they just might steal a few campaigns away from her while they're at it. Check out the thoroughly heartwarming video and prepare to love this model even more than you already did. Can she and Taylor Swift please make me their new best friend, like, yesterday?

Klossy on YouTube

If you're still not thoroughly impressed by Kloss, check out this list of all of the Victoria Secret model's accomplishments. You're sure to be left wondering, is there anything she can't do?

1. She Can Code With The Tech-iest

Not only is she a certified coding pro, but she even has a school of her very own called Kode with Karlie Kloss. Beauty and brains? Sign me up!

2. She Makes Unbelievably Delicious Cookies

If stunning good looks and MENSA-level smarts don't happen to be enough to entice you, how about the fact that she also make the most hands-down delicious cookies in NYC (IMO, at least)?

3. She's Crazy Fit

Being a model means you need to be hyper aware of how you treat your body, but Kloss is a beacon of health and fitness. In fact, I'd be willing to bet she could beat out some tough trainers in a push-up contest, no competition.

4. She Pretty Much Single-Handedly Brought Back The Lob

Now it seems like every celebrity — and every person you know in real life — has a lob, but only a few short years ago, Kloss, with the help of Vogue, brought the original version to the masses, technically referred to as "The Chop."

5. She Has Medical Aspirations

In an interview with Elle, Kloss once said that she still has dreams of entering the medical field just like her dad. She told the magazine, "My dad's a doctor and I have always been fascinated by medicine. I wanted to be a pediatrician and work with kids. So, lots of future plans, hopefully one day…"

If Kloss becomes a doctor, she'll really be unstoppable.