9 Signs Your Obsession With 'The O.C.' Has Gotten Out Of Hand

It isn't possible to talk about teen dramas without mentioning Fox's southern California-set series The O.C. While plenty of teen dramas come and go faster than you can say "Ew, Chino," The O.C. remained relevant not only while it was on the air, but long after it was over. Truth be told, we fans of The O.C. were always just a tad more obsessed than the average TV viewer — and it was pretty easy to understand why. It wasn't just the fact that the show was about beautiful people in a beautiful place: it was also the fact that these beautiful people went through more drama than any of us hope to ever go through in our entire lifetimes — and it was only on the air for four seasons.

And oh, was the drama good. Whether Seth was pining after Summer, Ryan was punching anyone who looked at him with the slightest contempt in their eyes, or Marissa was getting a little too tequila-happy in Mexico, fans clung to their couches with mouths agape, waiting for the next juicy scene to unfold. The series might have ended, but that feeling of complete and total O.C. obsession didn't fade with every fan — this writer completely included.

So how do you know that you're still just a little too obsessed with The O.C.? Hardcore fans will definitely be able to relate to these signs, because, girl, we've all been there:

1. You Make New People Uncomfortable When You Use Ryan's Iconic Opener At Parties

It was cool when Ryan said it. You, however, sound like someone people want to excuse themselves from conversations with.

2. Your Boyfriend Has Gotten Seriously Injured During One Of Your Makeouts

Explaining a head injury to the paramedic is super awkward when you're significant other is still wearing your little brother's Spider-Man mask.

3. You're Still Trying To Make Floral Bandannas Happen

Also, halter tops.

4. You Have Seriously Unrealistic Expectations For Relationships

Yeah, he may have bought you flowers, but did he ever name a boat after you? (Never mind that you live in a landlocked state!)

5. You've Considered Writing Mischa Barton A Letter To Beg For A Spin-Off

Because yes, Marissa is dead, BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS PREQUELS!

6. You Still Wish You Could Be As Big Of A Badass As Kaitlin Is

Mini Coop blew through Newport like a tornado in Season 3 — and you kind of wish you were cool enough to do that.

7. You Use This Catchphrase Whenever, Wherever

But you pretty much never utter it when welcoming anyone to Orange County.

8. When Describing Your Tinder Matches, They're Either A "Ryan" Or A "Seth"

Because, obvs, you'd never right swipe an Oliver.

9. Even Though You Know How The O.C. Ends, You're Still Devastated When You Get There During A Re-Watch

What happens now, Marissa, is you pop back in Season 1 DVD for pure pilot glory.

California, here we come.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (9)