Lance Reddick Takes Over The 'Fringe' Facebook

by Katherine Cusumano

Though it concluded two years ago, the J.J. Abrams-created science fiction series Fringe has maintained an impressive cult following. For the uninitiated, it was basically sci-fi at its best: with an expansive mythology and unique way of approaching concepts of time and space (which makes sense, since Abrams is also one of the brains behind Lost and the Star Trek reboots), the show focused on a special FBI division tasked with investigating mysterious happenings often related to events in parallel universes. Due to this, cast members frequently play not only their own characters, but their parallel-universe permutations. It was a series unlike any other seen on television, and is dearly missed. However, just because it's off the air doesn't mean Fringe fans can't still get their dose of fandom goodness: Wednesday, for instance, one of the series' principal stars, Lance Reddick, took over the Fringe Facebook page for a virtual question-and-answer session with series fans.

Last month, Fringe conducted a similar Q&A session with actor John Noble, who played Dr. Walter Bishop on the show. He revealed the ins and outs of his character's relationships on the show, and how the network gave the show an opportunity to neatly wrap up its narrative despite a ratings drop towards its end. Now, Reddick has brought us similar insight into his character, Phillip Broyles, a Homeland Security agent and head of the Fringe Division. Here are a few of his most notable quotes from the Q&A, in case you missed the action:

On Meeting Leonard Nimoy

Reddick says he never filmed with the legendary Star Trek actor, but when he encountered Nimoy on set, he treated him with the appropriate seriousness and respect. "I just walked up to him and said, 'Sir, it's a pleasure and an honor!'"

On His Distinctive Baritone

He cuts an austere figure in trim black suits, but even more notable than his fashion choice on Fringe is his deep voice: "I think the first time ever I was just recognized by my voice! I was at the meat counter at Whole Foods last week and he said 'I recognize your voice!'"

On How He Almost Didn't Become An Actor

"I was a physics major and then I went to music school. Classical music is what I know. And then I left music school because I realized I wanted to be a rock star. I started acting really because I thought it would help my music career." Reddick is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, so personally, I think he's underselling his aptitude a bit.

On His Character's LSD Experiment

"Someone sent me a woman on LSD from the '50s, and it was her trip from the beginning to end. Having never taken LSD, it was neat to see."

On The Sweet Treats On Set

Reddick discussed the numerous gags the cast pulled on set. (Despite his character's serious nature, Reddick proclaimed that he's not like Broyles, and he had a hard time keeping a straight face on set in the beginning.) "You know Walter was always eating! There was a scene, I think in Season 2, where we discovered the typewriter. At the end of the scene, John pulled out a cookie! Josh had this idea that we should all get cookies and ask for an extra take. In the last take, all of out pulled out cookies! John absolute lost it!"

And The Sweet Treats In His Life

Still, Reddick isn't all fun and games — at least, if we can judge by his ice cream preferences. (We can.) "I think it's a toss up between vanilla and strawberry," he said. Ice cream flavors are very serious business.

On Parallel Universes And Parallel Realities

When asked about how the philosophy of the show, and its numerous possible threads of reality, impacted how he lives his life, Reddick explained, "Each choice takes your life in a different direction. That possibility creates the possibility of infinite alternate realities happening in the same kind of space. It started making my head swim!"

Who else misses this show even more, now?!

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