What Happened To Tanner On 'The Bachelorette'? He Left The Tissues At Home For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

He's made a big impression as one half of #Janner on Bachelor in Paradise , but what happened to Tanner on The Bachelorette? If you'd have asked me who he was when he was vying for Kaitlyn's heart, I would have been like, "Who?" But, though he didn't win her affections, he did make an impressive run for it and landed himself in the Final 10, before getting the boot in Week 7. It was surprising considering he had an alarmingly low amount of one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. I don't think anyone was hearing wedding bells for those two, so when he was finally sent on his way, we all just sipped our tea in quiet agreement.

After that, Tanner landed in Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise and immediately settled down with Jade, basically building picket fences and picking out china patterns about 2.5 seconds into the season. But, since he and Jade are so drama-free, he seems to be slipping back into his role from The Bachelorette, aka he randomly pops up to make a witty comment here and there, and then is largely ignored by the cameras until the next inconsequential but "it'll make ya chuckle" Tannerism that he feels compelled to share.

So, while we wait for him and Jade to get married, let's take a walk down memory lane and look at what Tanner did during his surprisingly lengthy stint on The Bachelorette.

He Presented Britt With Tissues Upon Their First Meeting

I mean, I laughed. Britt definitely fake laughed, but I legitimately laughed. Tanner's first smooth move was to hand the woman that he initially intended to woo a box of tissues, noting (correctly) that they may come in handy because she seemed to cry a lot during her season of The Bachelor. Britt didn't exactly swoon, but I sure did.

He Managed To Spit Some Serious Venom During The Worst Rap Battle In The Galaxy

Watching the guys duke it out in head-to-head rap battles was akin to what I imagine watching an appendectomy is like. Every cell in my body wanted it to stop, but I was too fascinated to look away. Luckily, through, in what can only be described as divine intervention, Tanner spit this fierce line in response to Ben's pitiful attempt at an insult.

"She's too small for you bro, she could fit in your pocket. Plus, for a big guy, you have a very tiny rocket."

He Had A Knack For Self-Deprecating Humor

Throughout The Bachelorette, Tanner showed off an adept, yet often overlooked, skill for awesomely quick wit. He made a home for himself in the group date zone, but he always kept his sense of humor about it. Like, when they recreated an Irish wake (totally standard), complete with Kaitlyn lying in a casket. The men were asked to write a poem in her honor because that's not super weird and unnecessary at all. Tanner's poem showed everyone that he was totally in on the joke.

"I once dated a girl with 25 men / She was beautiful / Her name was Kaitlyn / But all we ever did was date in groups / She made me dress up and jump through hoops / How am I still here? Nobody knows / Hell, I'm even surprised that I got a rose / But I like you and want time tonight / So put it in your planner / And in case you forgot, my name is Tanner."

Never forget.

Images: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Giphy; Clodagh Kilcoyne/ABC; Heidi Gutman/ABC