11 Questions For Nick Carter’s “I Got You” Music Video, Including “Where Did He Find That Ship?!”

I’m about as happy about the One Direction hiatus news as the next Directioner, but I’m doing my best to remain positive. Hey, at least we have the inevitable 1D solo endeavors to look forward to, right? Don't give me that side eye; A former/hiatus-ing boy bander’s solo songs and music videos can be quite the treat. You want an example? And you want that example to be something other than the go-to example of "Justin Timberlake's entire solo career"? I am so glad you asked! How about a Max Martin and Rami Yacoub-penned ditty that was recorded by one of the five Backstreet Boys? Grab your snorkel and your flippers, because we're about to dive into the music video for Nick Carter’s 2003 single “I Got You."

What seems like a straightforward "dude kicks it on a boat" video quickly devolves into something more complicated: The Backstreet Boy may or may not chill with an apparition, he may or may not wear too many leather cord accessories, and he may or may not lose a priceless antique sailing ship. You caught me: I'm not exactly 100 percent certain as to what the heck is going on in this video. You better believe I have some questions.

1. Is This Leather Cord Necklace More Comfortable Than It Looks?

It just looks like it's tied too tightly, ya know? When I wear a choker, I take breathing room very seriously.

2. How Come My Hair Doesn’t Flow Like This When It’s Windy Outside?

When windswept, my pixie cut looks a mess. Like it's being attacked by five vacuums at once. I envy Nick C.'s hair.

3. Where Did He Find That Ship?!

Did Nick travel back to the 19th century and buy a pirate ship? Because that's what appears to be going on here.

4. Is This A Safe Place To Lie Down?

This might be the last place on the ship I'd want to hang out.

5. Where’d He Get That Sweater?

Looks comfy!

6. Wait, Where’d She Come From?

Here I thought Nick was alone this entire time. Is she really there? Is she a mirage? Is she a flashback? What's going on?!?!

7. Is This Dangly Rope Belt A Safe Accessory To Wear While Hanging Out On A Ship?

What if the belt gets caught in a pulley? What if the belt gets caught in a porthole? What if the belt gets caught on the mast? What if the belt gets tangled up with one of the rope ladders? What if a fish thinks the belt is kelp? What if a fish tries to eat the belt and Nick C.? That thing is bad news belts, er, bears.

8. Where’d The Boat Go?

I assumed it’d be anchored close to where Nick was taking his stroll. I assumed wrong. I don't know what happened to the ship. Maybe he lost it?

9. Did The Boat Come Back?

Or is this just a flashback? What’s the timeline here? What's haaaaappeniiiiiing?

10. Is This A Safe Place To Sit?

This might be the second to last place on the ship I'd want to hang out.

11. Did Nick Injure His Hand?

I most certainly hope he didn't.

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