Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, & Max Joseph Talk Secret Music Talents & Their New Film, 'We Are Your Friends' — VIDEO

In the debut feature film from Catfish star Max Joseph, We Are Your Friends , Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski play two twenty-somethings going through very different, but very real life experiences. While Efron's Cole Carter is attempting to find his way in the world of EDM and DJing, Ratajkowski's Sophie is attempting to find her way in the world, period — and when both stories intertwine, it makes for a very honest film about growing up and finding yourself in life. One of the biggest messages the project presents is applicable to all viewers: There's more to the world than we notice around us everyday, and there's more to everyone than meets the eye. Coincidentally, this is also true of Efron, Ratajkowski, and Joseph, who sat down with Bustle to talk We Are Your Friends , as well as the things we might not know about them.

For instance: Due to his career-making performance in the High School Musical films, it's no big secret that Efron is musically-inclined — and an amazing singer. But, what about other musical talents? If, as the movie suggests, everyone around us has more layers than an onion, surely there must be something, right?

Turns out, yes, there is something:

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Though unexpected, it's actually pretty fitting. We Are Your Friends hits theaters Friday, Aug. 28.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures