Who Actually Broke The Girl Code On 'RHONY'?

by Laura Rosenfeld

Wake up, Ramona! Part three of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 reunion has actually gotten interesting. Host Andy Cohen brought up the ladies' Turks and Caicos trip for what seems like the 12th time this season, and with it came another debate about who broke the Girl Code. Luann de Lesseps had long accused Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill of breaking the Girl Code when they barged into her room that morning looking for who was responsible for the naked man sleeping in the room across the way. However, by the end of the conversation, it seemed like Luann and Ramona may be just as guilty of breaking the Girl Code as anyone.

Ramona took a teensy bit of responsibility when she admitted to being the one who allowed the man to spend the night in the house. Not in, like, a sexual way, but in more of, like, a freeloader way since he was tired and didn't want to travel back home that night. However, Ramona made him promise not to use the bathroom that was connected to Heather's room and to be out of the house before anyone else woke up. Clearly, he didn't live up to his word.

Kristen Taekman, who was barely involved in the argument during or after the trip to Turks and Caicos, called Ramona out for breaking the Girl Code, saying her behavior was "inappropriate and sloppy." Shockingly, Ramona later said she should never have let the naked man sleep over at the house. Um, you think?

Things really got heated when Luann was accused of breaking the Girl Code for hanging out with a married man, who she did actually know was off the market when she spent time with him in Turks and Caicos. For some reason, Luann thinks barging into someone's room is way worse than spending time with a married man, although she does maintain that no funny business went on, and they just took a walk on the beach.

To be fair, Luann's main gripe with Heather and Carole's behavior was that they didn't understand why she would think them coming into her room uninvited would be an invasion of privacy and their lack of an apology after the fact. Luann kept saying that she was fearful of what the cameras would capture because she doesn't want her children to see their mother shacking up with another man on TV.

That's certainly understandable, but does Luann not realize she's on a reality show. There are cameras everywhere, countess! If you do something on camera that you don't want to be recorded, that's kind of on you.

Andy brought up the Johnny Depp pirate lookalike that caused some mischief among the ladies during their St. Barts trip a couple of seasons ago. As you may recall, Luann had a conversation over the phone in French, which she may or may not have realized was being recorded at the time, and that seemed to suggest she had cheated on her boyfriend Jacques with the pirate. Since then, Luann has been extra careful about what vacay antics get caught on camera.

By the end of the discussion, things took a turn... for the better. Luann and Heather eventually let bygones be bygones and hugged and made up. Then all of the other Housewives followed suit. It was one big love fest. Andy looked absolutely bewildered that the ladies were hugging each other and not lunging for each other's throats, as I was as well.

In fact, the reunion ended with a toast to girl power. The ladies seemed to genuinely like each other and want to spend time together as friends. We'll see if all of this goodwill lasts until Season 8.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (2)