'Bachelor In Paradise' Carly & Kirk Are The Best Couple Ever, & These Cute Moments Prove It

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm in deep when it comes to Bachelor In Paradise. I didn't watch the first season, but something in the advertisements before it even started this summer made me desperate to tune in, and I've been a goner ever since. There's just something so fascinating about watching a bunch of former Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects come together to potentially find love together — or have a fun summer fling, at the very least. There are, in fact, Bachelor In Paradise couples that might make it, and Carly and Kirk are definitely at the top of that list. They're basically the best couple ever, and watching them together makes my cold, dark heart swoon. I just can't help it — I believe in them, and you will too once you witness Carly and Kirk's cutest Bachelor In Paradise moments.

Carly and Kirk hooked up pretty immediately in the beginning of the season, and things got pretty hot and heavy quickly. Save for one small blip, when Kirk got cold feet and went all crazy, thinking things were moving too fast and he might have some more wild BiP oats to sew before settling down, they've been totally solid, and it's inspiring. Every time they're on the screen, I find myself wanting to break out into a giggle and I totally don't know why. What I do know is that they're adorable (at least for now) and there's never a bad time to relive some of their best interactions.

This Look

Even Carly gets the giggles just looking at Kirk, and can you blame her? He's adorable! Together, they're doubly adorable! I know it can get annoying when people are too over-the-top about being in love, but for some reason, these two miss the annoying mark and just stay straight in "Awww!" territory.

When They Booked The Fantasy Suite

Did they sleep together or didn't they? The jury's still out on that (my vote is obviously yes), but just watching Kirk get all weird and Carly get all shy and giggly (again) as he books the room is way too cute. Who doesn't remember that feeling of when you first get into someone and you know something BIG might happen? That nervous anticipation is the best ever.

When Kirk Posted This Pic On Instagram

Sure, there's every sign that Kirk and Carly didn't make it beyond BiP and are actually no longer together, but WHATEVER! Clearly there's still hope, or else Kirk wouldn't have posted this shot of him and Carly walking hand in hand on the beach just last week!

When They Bonded Over Their Shared Love Of Fishing

I mean, one of the first things that brought Carly and Kirk together is the fact that they both love to fish, so the fact that they got to go fishing together for one of their dates? SO CUTE. Never let the evening end!

Every Rose Ceremony

I love whenever the rose ceremony happens, how they pretend like there's any other choice as to who they're giving their respective roses to, and then the other acts all shocked and starts laughing. I mean, how adorable is that? Give each other your roses forever, Kirk and Carly! And no, that's not a euphemism.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC