Selena Gomez's Special Fan Event Sounds Intriguing, So What Sort Of Surprise Is She Planning?

Calling all Selenators: triple threat Selena Gomez is holding a "special fan event" in Los Angeles on Sept. 16 to promote her new album, Revival (due out Oct. 9). The 23-year-old "Good For You" hit-maker made the announcement by posting a series of mysterious (and, frankly, kind of strange) black-and-white videos to her YouTube channel on Thursday afternoon. In the clips, the singer is seen posing and giggling all by herself in front of a giant mirror while an unnamed song plays in the background. (I wonder if the audio is from Gomez's upcoming single, "Same Old Love"?) Yes, Selener's just hangin' out, havin' a laugh... alone... in a house of mirrors. That's not weird at all! Just kidding, it's super weird. But, I digress.

So, what's Gomez's special fan shindig all about, anyway? What's going to happen there? Is it worth going? Those are good questions. The former Disney star's official website simply describes the affair as a "once-in-a-lifetime event with Selena," which, unfortunately, doesn't really tell us much. Is she going to bake cookies and play her new LP for everybody like her pal Taylor Swift did when she was promoting 1989? Is she going to put on a private concert? Or is she going to show up for five minutes and then leave? I honestly don't know.

Selena Gomez on YouTube

Here's what I do know: You can enter for a chance to attend Gomez's special fan event by filling out a form on her website. The official rules state that you have until Tues., Sept. 1 at 11:59:59 p.m. to submit your entry. If you'd like, you can include a video that explains "what Revival means to you."

"On or about" Wed., Sept. 2, 125 "potential" winners will be selected. The exact time and location of the event are top-secret and will be disclosed at a later date. (This is all very Mission: Impossible, isn't it?) I think that just about covers it!

I feel fairly confident that Gomez is going to debut new material from Revival at the event, but whether that means she's going to put on a live show or just play some tunes from her iPod and hang out, I'm not sure. All will be revealed soon.

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