7 Ways To Cope Without 'Pretty Little Liars', Because Season 6B Is So Close, Yet So Far Away

Welp. We did it. We survived week two of the Pretty Little Liars offseason. I'm proud of us. Only one billion more months to go! OK, I'm exaggerating. Yeah, the show will come back in 2016, and yeah, on paper, that isn't that far away. However, when it comes to waiting for new Pretty Little Liars episodes, several months feels like a billion months. (What can I say? I'm an impatient person who wants to know what the heck is going on with that "Mrs. Rollins" time jump mystery right this very second.) Until the second half of Season 6 premieres, I will resent the letter "A". Because every time I see the letter “A”, I will only be reminded of how empty Tuesdays feel without fresh episodes of PLL. What am I going to do until Pretty Little Liars makes its triumphant return to my television set?!

Wait! I know what I can do in the meantime! I can brainstorm a list of things to do while we wait for PLL Season 6 to come back! A list of things that'll make the the time pass! A list of things that'll make the break slightly easier to deal with! Let's do this!

Re-Watch Every Single Episode of Pretty Little Liars

Use this downtime to revisit the series through the “CeCe is A” lens. Take notes, look for clues, et cetera. Time flies when you're binge watching a TV show!

Write Acrostic Poems For Every PLL Character

Yes, all 75 million characters. Bonus points if you include the Ravenswood characters.

Build Miniature Versions Of Every Rosewood Landmark

Not only is the act of building a model time consuming, but it’s also totally engrossing. You’ll be too busy worrying about whether or not the front door to the miniature version of The Brew is properly aligned to think about how much you miss the show.

Make Some Aria-Inspired Jewelry

The more clunky the household object, the better!

Visit Every Fountain And Wishing Well Within a 30-Mile Radius Of Your Home

Bring a bag of wishing pennies, chuck a penny in every well, and make the same wish every time: "BRING PLL BACK RIGHT THIS SECOND." It's worth a shot!

Hibernate Until 6B Begins

What makes time fly faster than sleeping, am I right? Don’t get too carried away with the Rip Van Winkling, though; Make sure you stir from your deep slumber before Season 6 resumes.

Build A Time Machine

Not only will the act of designing and constructing this machine kill time and keep your mind preoccupied, but once it’s complete, you can zip on over to PLL’s Season 6B premiere date! It’s a win-win option.

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