9 Celebrities Who Love 'Bachelor In Paradise' Just As Much As We Do

Though it might not be the most high-quality television you've ever seen, you can't deny that Bachelor In Paradise is hilariously entertaining. Between the endless tears *cough* Ashley I. *cough* and all that villing, the fun never ends on Bachelor In Paradise. Even the celebrities aren't immune to B.I.P.'s charms, as evidenced by these 9 celebrities who love Bachelor In Paradise just as much as we do.

Magazines love to show us that, hey, celebrities are just like us! Celebrities get pimples! Celebrities nomz on Big Macs too! And, thanks to Twitter, we get to see that many celebrities waste countless hours watching mindless reality TV too, just like us! Than goodness we're not alone in our Bachelor adoration.

As we get into the juiciest weeks of Bachelor In Paradise, it's refreshing to know that we're not the only ones sitting at home on Sunday and Monday nights while taking gulps of pinot grigio every time Ashely I. cries, J.J. uses a cliche (R.I.P J.J. we miss you already), or Joe says something marginally offensive. The celebs are out there doing it too! So pour out a glass of wine and get ready to live Tweet alongside these 9 celebrities who love Bachelor In Paradise just as much as you do.

Joel McHale

Joel McHale coming in with the smarmy B.I.P. tweets.

Jordan Lloyd

Though not quite a celeb, Jordan Lloyd is a Big Brother alum showing her support for her fellow reality stars.

Jennifer Weiner

The renowned author has a few hilarious thoughts on B.I.P.

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs is a diehard Bach fan.

Amy Schumer


Carly Patterson

She has award-winning taste in reality TV as well as award-winning gymnastics skills.

Good Morning America

GMA always has something funny to say re: B.I.P.

Paul Scheer

Funny guy Paul Scheer thinks he'd be the perfect edition to the B.I.P. cast.

Katie Lowes a.k.a Quinn Perkins

The Scandal crew <3's Bachelor In Paradise (and how could they not?)

Image: Rick Rowell