FCKH8's New Video Addresses What Feminist Women Really Think About Photoshop

The company that brought you those adorable potty mouth princesses is back. FCKH8's new video tells what real women think about photoshop. It might not feature cute little girls dropping the F-bomb, but this short video gets straight to the point.

The "for profit t-shirt company with an activist heart" has taken on the issue of Photoshopping to go along with their anti-hate message (and tees). The new "Feminist Vs. Photoshop" video shows women stripping down in the name of feminism and giving viewers a piece of their minds. Let me tell you, these women do not hold back. In under a minute, they are able to convey a very powerful message, using only their bodies, a few harsh word, and a middle finger or two.

Proving that "real women" come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, the ladies featured in this video aren't afraid to bear it all to show why all bodies are beautiful. Although the video does advertise the company's #Feminist Tee, bearing the phrase "This is what feminist looks like," the video is all about empowering women. What does a "real woman" look like? Allow these ladies to show you.

1. Real Women Can Have Wrinkles

This feisty woman knows that having a few wrinkles doesn't make her any less beautiful.

2. Real Women Can Have Curves

Being a "real woman" doesn't mean having a certain body-type. Ladies come in all shapes and sizes.

3. Real Women Can Have Muscles

Muscles are strong and gorgeous.

4. Real Women Can Be Skinny

Some women are skinny, and there's nothing wrong with that.

5. Real Women Can Be Big Breasted

Some ladies got 'em...

6. Real Women Can Be Flat Chested

...and some ladies don't. Both are perfect as they are.

Ending with the phrase, "real women are whatever the f*ck they are," the ladies then deliver tribute of sorts to Photoshop. These women deserve a big high-five for bearing it all and speaking their minds in the name of acceptance and feminism.

Images: FCKH8.com/Vimeo