Your Favorite Female Action Hero Says A Lot About You

Who doesn't love a female character who can totally kick butt? Female actions heroes are inspiring — they make you want to fight your own demons and they make you believe that you have the strength to do so. There's just something satisfying about seeing women not only hold their own in an action setting, but even surpass every other character around them. The coolest part is female action heroes are anything but one note, especially in recent years. They can fight with the power of books just as easily as they fight with a sword. They can be traditionally feminine or take on roles society has deemed masculine. In the end, these heroes play by their own roles which is why everyone has a favorite female action hero.

Just because toy-makers haven't caught onto the fact that women and girls are just as into action franchises as guys doesn't change the fact that women of all ages love to see other women taking on bad guys on screens both big and small. Whether you grew up with Katniss or Buffy, you certainly have a female hero who reminds you of just how powerful you can be.

These fictional ladies are touchstones for their fans, so of course they reveal a little something about how you see the world and what kinds of strength you value the most. Let's dive in and find out what your favorite female action hero says about you.

Buffy Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy was the chosen one, and the responsibility of being the slayer came with an enormous amount of weight. She was part of a long chain of women who were taught they had to fight alone, that they couldn't have friends, families, or love lives. Buffy challenged those expectations at every turn. Like Buffy, you believe surrounding yourself with loved ones makes you stronger, not weaker. You reject the idea that wearing dresses and talking about boys means you can't also have the heart of a warrior. Most of all, you believe in fighting for everyone's right to be exactly who they are.

Black Widow, The Avengers

Even heroes have pasts, and no one knows that better than Natasha. You admire her ability to not allow her past to define her. She was made into a weapon, but Natasha ultimately chooses to fight for good. Loving Natasha means you appreciate a hero who values strength over talking, and who chooses her own destiny. You believe in moral ambiguity and doing what has to be done, and you admire others who can keep their emotions from clouding their judgment.

Ripley, Alien Franchise

Ripley became a hero out of necessity and ended up finding reservoirs of strength she never knew she had. Tough-talking, resilient, and unwilling to give up, Ripley faced deadly aliens at a great personal cost to herself. Like Ripley, you step up when others back down. You are a strong advocate for others, and you refuse to be talked down to by anyone. You are a big damn hero, whether you have had a chance to showcase your talents or not, and, if you can help it, no one will ever get left behind on your watch.

Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road

The current queen of feminist badassery, Furiosa fights for other women at her own personal cost. She has a disability, but she turns it into an asset, and she is both smart and quick on her feet. If Furiosa is your favorite, then you too value the lives and rights of other women above all else. You believe nothing can make you weak if you don't let it, and you own what makes you different in this world. There is a good chance you have been through a lot in life, but every trial has only made you stronger and more determined to advocate for others.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter

Hermione is not your typical action hero. She leads with her brains, not her brawn. This is a young woman who fought a war, who is the cleverest witch of her age, and who put everything on the line to help her friends save the world. If you love Hermione more than any other other hero, then you believe in the power of being bright, clever, and loyal. You know physical strength is not the true measure of a hero and that the greatest kinds of strength come from books, bravery, and love.

Michonne, The Walking Dead

Michonne is a survivor. Whoever she was before the apocalypse is almost irrelevant because she has committed herself to fighting until the bitter end. You admire Michonne's seemingly endless reserves of inner strength as much as you admire her skill with a katana. Her ability to speak volumes without saying a word resonates with you because you believe actions truly do speak louder than words.

Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

Growing up in a dark and dangerous society, Katniss, like everyone else in the Districts, was rendered powerless when it came to her fate, until she made a choice. By volunteering to be a tribute in her sister's place, Katniss changed the rules of the games. She became a rebel, a soldier, and a hero. She wasn't the chosen one, but, when all eyes turned to her, Katniss did not back down. You too believe in fighting against corruption. You know the world can be a dark place, but you also know even the smallest act of bravery can effect change. You imagine a better world, and you work hard to make that world a reality by volunteering, protesting, and standing up for yourself and others.

Nyota Uhura, Star Trek

Whether you love the original Uhura or the updated version, chances are it is her love of knowledge and commitment to exploration that wowed you. Uhura is skilled in hand to hand combat, but her greatest strength is her knowledge of other languages and cultures. She is a hero who knows how to be part of a team. You value her ability to work with others for the greater good. Like Uhura, you believe people are at their strongest when they band together and strive to understand one another.

Xena, Xena: Warrior Princess

A true warrior with a sense of humor and killer combat skills, you love seeing a woman who is both emotionally and physically strong. Xena inspired you to never deny your true self. Her unapologetic heroism gave you a similar take-no-prisoners stance on life. As far as you are concerned, limitations do not exist. There's nothing Xena couldn't do, and you believe the same is true for you.

The one thing all of these heroes have in common? They inspire you to be your best self. Let's face it, the more female action heroes — whether they lead with their fists or their brains or both — the better off the world is.

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