Will Taylor Swift’s "Wildest Dreams" Music Video Pay Tribute To Nicholas Sparks Movies? The Lyrics & Teasers Are Just As Romantic

After successfully using teasers to make the "Bad Blood" music video premiere one of the most anticipated debuts of the season — Taylor Swift is at it again. Last week, Swift offered fans a glimpse of her upcoming "Wildest Dreams"music video with a titillating preview on Instagram. On Friday, Aug. 28, the country-turned-pop crooner furthered excitement over the video's premiere by tweeting a black-and-white photo still from the video, featuring her "Wildest Dreams" costar, Scott Eastwood. She captioned the photo with select lyrics from the amorous track: "Say you'll remember me...Standing in a nice dress...Staring at the sunset, babe," which could parallel lines taken from the most swoon-worthy speeches in Nicholas Sparks movies. Swift and Eastwood also appear to be the epitome of romance in the 1950s-inspired photo, which leads me to wonder if any inspiration for the video has been drawn from films like The Notebook and other cinematic fodder.

Upon shrewd inspection of the lyrics to "Wildest Dreams" — and after countless listenings of the 1989 album in its entirety — I have noticed that the themes throughout the song are a perfect match for the romantic grandeur showcased in all of Nicholas Sparks' books and movies. I can only hope that Eastwood pulls a Ryan Gosling a la Notebook during the "Wildest Dreams" video at some point and tells Swift: "I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday."

In case my analysis has caused a knitted brow or emphatic, "Huh?" I have broken down why the "Wildest Dreams" video will likely get Nicholas Sparks' amorous stamp of approval, based on the lyrics. Enjoy!

1. "He Said Let's Get Out Of This Town / Drive Out Of The City / Away From The Crowds"

Me thinks that somebody is looking to take The Longest Ride, eh? And who better to drive all night with than Eastwood?

2. "He's So Tall, & Handsome As Hell / He's So Bad But He Does It So Well"

This description fits the bill for, oh, I don't know — every single male lead in a Sparks movie ever.

3. "Say You'll Remember Me / Standing In A Nice Dress, Starring At The Sunset, Babe"

Nice dresses, sunsets, and starring are all integral tropes of Sparks movies — as they should be.

4. "I Said, 'No One Has To Know What We Do,' / His Hands Are In My Hair / His Clothes Are In My Room"

Ow ow! This line might as well have just played on a continuous loop over that bridge-to-the-bedroom scene in The Notebook — amiright??

5. "You See Me In Hindsight / Tangled Up With You All Night / Burnin' It Down"

Is it hot in here, or is it just these Swift lyrics paired with all these romantic GIFs? If there's one thing that "Wildest Dreams" and Sparks films definitely have in common, it's that they know how to turn up the heat.

6. "Some Day When You Leave Me / I Bet These Memories Follow You Around"

In pretty much every Sparks movie, there is a retrospective quality that deftly showcases the grandiose effects of epic romance.

I think I have made my point. With the anticipation over the "Wildest Dreams" premiere reaching a fevered pitch (it is for me, at least), it's nice to know we have some on fleek Swift teasers and a bevy of romantic dramas to help us pass the time.

Images: Giphy (6); Taylor Swift/Instagram