10 Reasons Ariana Grande Should Return To Acting & Prove She Can Conquer The Big Screen

Ariana Grande will make the jump to the screen in Fox's Scream Queens this fall and the upcoming comedy Zoolander 2, but these roles won't be the ponytailed pop singer's first forays into acting. In fact, the 22-year-old got her start as an actress on Broadway and Nickelodeon. It's about time for Grande to get back to acting for so many reasons — I mean, do you remember how she was quite the scene-stealer as Cat Valentine on Victorious and the spin-off Sam & Cat? It may seem like ages ago, but it was only back in 2013 when Grande was more known for her acting than her Billboard hits and that Doughnutgate thing.

Grande played Cat on Nickelodeon's Victorious, which ran from 2010 until 2013 and followed a teen named Tori Vega (played by Victoria Justice, a singer herself) and her group of friends at the fictional Hollywood Arts High School. Grande sang a bunch of songs on the TV show's soundtrack albums with Justice. In 2013, Sam & Cat premiered with Grande reprising her role from Victorious opposite Jennette McCurdy from iCarly, but despite the new series' instant success, it was cancelled due to a lot of factors, which included the actresses wanting to move on from Nickelodeon, according to Deadline.

But Grande still has some amazing acting chops. Here's why I, for one, am looking forward to her return to the screen.

1. She's So Expressive

Look at all those emotions.

2. The Ponytail Has Only Gotten More Epic

If that thing looks good on the stage, imagine how great it'll be on the big screen? Epic.

3. She's Willing To Wear Costumes

A big plus, especially if she gets cast in a sci-fi movie or a period drama.

4. She Can Do Comedy

As we know from her Nickelodeon shows, Grande can be super funny.

5. And She Can Be Serious For Drama

She has a great sense of humor, but she also has a serious, dramatic side.

6. She Can Sing (Duh)

Before Nickelodeon, Grande used to act and sing on Broadway (above), so singing can definitely come in handy while acting. You never know when a part will call for breaking out into song!

7. She Can Rock A Lot Of Different Looks

Red, blonde, or brunette — Grande can wear lots of different hair colors and look great.

8. She's Comfortable With Lots Of Different Settings

Aliens? Explosions? No problem. Grande is versatile.

9. She's So Enthusiastic

You can be sure she'll attack a role with as much gusto as she takes to her singing.

10. She Believes That Anything Is Possible

Becoming a TV star? Check. Conquering the Billboard charts? Check. The movie screen? Well, that's next.

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