Zayn Malik Might Surprise Us At The 2015 VMAs

The One Direction fandom has gone through a lot in the last few months, from losing Zayn Malik as a member of the band to dealing with the news that the band will be taking a prolonged hiatus after the release of their next album. In light of such sad events, Directioners pretty much have to find happiness whenever they can, and this rumor might just put some smiles on some faces. Word on the street is that Zayn Malik is performing with the Weeknd at the 2015 MTV VMAs, which can be good news or bad news depending. It's good news because it means Malik will attend the 2015 VMAs, but it's bad news because it is a) unconfirmed and b) rubbing it in that Malik isn't a member of One Direction anymore. After all, we're used to seeing him perform with them.

One Direction is not among the list of performers that was released by MTV in advance of this ceremony, so Malik's appearance would be a nice surprise — and, you know, as close to having 1D perform as we're likely to get on Sunday night. Of course, fans are unsure whether or not the rumor is true, and many of them are simply hanging around not-so-quietly on the Internet, keeping a sharp eye on every news outlet reporting about the VMAs red carpet in hopes of catching a glimpse of Malik's face.

If the story is true, the Weeknd's performance will be noteworthy not just because, hello, the Weeknd is performing, but because this will be Malik's first solo performance since his departure from One Direction. Can our hearts handle these kinds of conflicting emotions? I'm not sure my heart can. While we wait to find out if Malik is at least going to attend the ceremony, let alone perform during it, it's time to get the Kleenex out and find a hand to hold. We're in a new era, you guys, and that new era could begin with a Malik/Weeknd performance extravaganza. I'll leave it to you to decide for yourselves whether that's amazing or distressing.