What Your Favorite Boy Band Says About You

While the past few decades have bestowed us with a bevy of truly on fleek boy bands, many people select just one trio, quartet, or quintet as their favorite boy band of all time. Although a common thread seems to connect certain facets of all boy bands (i.e., all members tend to be chock-full of swag, understand the art of choreography, and catalyze many a fan to plaster their walls with a collage of Tiger Beat posters), there are several differentiations between each group. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur on everything boy band related (I still have weathered Tiger Beat posters from 1998 if you need evidence), you can trust me on this.

Depending on your personality, you may have found yourself experiencing an enigmatic pull toward one boy band over the other. For me, that gravitational pull led me — or continues to lead me, rather — to binge-watching every old *NSYNC music video imaginable, and can spiral into a heated debated with diehard Backstreet Boys fans. Don't blame, me, guys — the heart wants what it wants!

In all honesty, each and every boy band to grace our respective earbuds has offered a substantial amount of exultation and squees to fans across the globe. It would be impossible to deem one as the very best. For the sake of subjectivity, however, let's take a look at what your personal favorite boy band says about you.


You and I are the same person! Haha, not really, but I agree with your choice. If this legendary quintet is your all-time fave, then you are all about fun. Your addictive energy can bring everyone to the dance floor. Also, you probably are arduously awaiting Justin Timberlake's next album.

2. The Backstreet Boys

If the iconic BSB holds a top spot in your heart, you are all about balance. While you're never one to turn down an invite to the hottest club, you would be just as happy staying in with a glass of pinot noir and the soothing sounds of Kevin Richardson's opening monologue in "I'll Never Break Your Heart." In a nutshell, you may be kind of an introverted extrovert — and I dig that.

3. One Direction

One word: Resilience. "Drag Me Down" is likely your anthem, being that you're tough as nails. Whether it's a parting of ways (hi, Zayn Malik and that pesky One Direction "hiatus"), a romance gone awry, or being plagued by the occasional face-plant, you always figure out a way to dust yourself off in order to move forward. You also likely are able to appreciate the humor in all situations and never take yourself too seriously.

4. 98 Degrees

Whether it's 98 degrees or below freezing, you know how to heat things up. A true romantic, you appreciate the sentimentality in a good ballad and know how to make people swoon. You probably also watched every episode of MTV's Newlyweds — amiright?? (Me too.)

5. O-Town

You really like to root for the underdog, don't you? The aforementioned is in no way meant to disrespect our beloved boys from O-Town. Rather, a penchant for this boy band shows a truly acquired taste when it comes to all-male quintets. While other boy bands of the '90s and early 2000s tended to overshadow these guys during their heyday, they definitely delivered some shrewd skills in the area of addictive ear candy. You are anything but a follower, and this confident individualism likely garners much confidence from your friends and colleagues.

6. 5 Seconds Of Summer

Whether or not 5 Seconds of Summer is a bonafide boy band, rock band, or something in between remains up for debate. For the sake of this post — and the love of 5SOS — I feel their inclusion is warranted. If these dapper gentleman are your favorite, then you possess a gritty charm and eclectic taste that endears many. You understand the art of tact, but that never has stopped you from speaking your mind. Rock on!

7. LFO

You have a penchant for Abercrombie & Fitch and non sequiturs.

8. Boyz II Men

Did someone just light some candles? Why is it so dim in here?? Anyway, you aren't afraid to let your emotions known and wear your heart on your sleeve. You feel things strongly — which can be tough at times — but also possess a great compassion and empathy toward others. Also, you probably really miss the '90s. I know that feel, guys.

9. New Kids On The Block

You are always a fan of a good comeback, on fleek dance moves, and scrunchies. While many people wax poetic about '90s nostalgia, you are quick to remind them that the '80s bestowed us with a plethora of greatness.

Wasn't that enlightening? I suppose I should note that the preceding list is in no way, shape, or form based on any scientific evidence or personality assessment. Still, as one who loves boy bands with every fiber of my being, I would be willing to guess that I have been pretty on point in my analysis.

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