Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Hug During 2015 VMAs Performance, Effectively Putting Any Feud Rumors To Rest — VIDEO

While I'm sure all viewers go into the Video Music Awards expecting at least a few surprises, I don't think anyone was prepared for such an epic, totally unexpected moment just minutes into the show. After opening the awards with "Trini Dem Girls," Nicki Minaj was joined by Taylor Swift on the VMAs stage, effectively putting any rumors of a feud to rest. Not only did the two sing Nicki's "The Night Is Still Young" and Taylor's "Bad Blood" together while rocking stunning coordinated outfits, but they ended the epic performance with a simple, yet touching moment. Taylor and Nicki hugged at the VMAs before introducing the next performer, and I can't be the only fan watching at home who was suddenly much more emotional than I expected to be so soon into an awards show.

There was speculation that the two superstars were on bad terms after Nicki took to Twitter to say that she felt unfairly snubbed in the VMAs' Video of the Year category, which Taylor responded to, seemingly believing the statement to be directed towards her. This lead to a few tweets exchanged back and forth between the singers, with Nicki eventually encouraging fans to "move on." While that itself was a clear sign that any supposed feud was over, this impressive display of support at the VMAs shows that in a much more impactful way. Watch the end of the performance and that beautiful hug below.

Hopefully, Taylor and Nicki's very public moment of friendship will resonate with viewers, and make anyone think twice before labeling two women as "feuding" when they simply exchanged strong feelings. These are two very talented artists who also serve as role models for enormous fan bases, and by coming together at the VMAs, they're only setting a great example about speaking your mind, respecting others, moving on, and most importantly, friendship between badass ladies.