Is Amber Dating Justin Or Jared After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She's Caught In Another Love Triangle

I get that the Bachelor in Paradise is supposed to allow Bachelor alums to meet other alums and do alum things, but man, oh man, this is such a juicy show when there are love triangles involved. The current Bachelor in Paradise love triangle involves Dan, Amber, and Justin, three people you might not even remember. On Amber's first "week" in Paradise, she and Dan had an electric date (where Ashely S. was a part of Amber's first love triangle of the season), but things changed quickly because Amber and Dan turned into Amber and Justin, which then turned into Amber and Jared, which might make you ask: are Amber and Justin still together after Bachelor in Paradise or are Amber and Jared dating?

On Sunday, Amber accepted a date with Justin, hoping it wouldn't screw up anything she had going on with Dan, but also wanting to explore her options/make Dan jealous. Amber had a great time with Justin, which seemed like a good thing, unfortunately it also kind of ended her relationship with Dan. Post Amber/Justin date, Dan told Amber that he didn't really see the two of them evolving beyond friends, and gently placed her in that dusty corner called the friendzone.

Amber was naturally upset about it, but she did have a great time with Justin, so maybe these two could actually last beyond Bachelor in Paradise? Hold up, not so fast. Amber then realized she wasn't really feeling Justin, so she started telling people she was "intrigued" with Jared. YES. Ashley I.'s Jared. So who is Amber with now? Justin? Jared? Jorge, the bartender?

Evidence For Amber & Justin

Although it isn't a huge spoiler, Amber posted this photo of her and Justin on their date — note, Justin's killer sunburn is hidden — during the episode airing. The photo would suggest that these two are either a) forced to post these photos of their dates together. Or b) are still dating/ friends enough to post a photo of them. (I.e., it didn't end badly.)

Evidence For Amber & Jared

Maybe Amber's tweet to Ashley I. is a way of mending fences after stealing her man? Like, you kindly flatter the girl who just wrote the man of her dreams a four page, front and back, letter professing her love for him?

Evidence For Amber & Jorge

Even though it's harmless, Amber joked with everyone's favorite bartender that she should have given her rose to Jorge. Does that allude to the fact that Amber regrets who she gave her rose to?

Amber is certainly mysterious about her post-show love life. But, as long as she didn't end up with the other BiP J-guy (Joe), all is well.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC