Kanye West Got High Before The VMAs & He's Totally Open About It During His Video Vanguard Speech

During the now-infamous-even-though-it-just-happened Kanye West Video Vanguard Award speech, seconds before he announced that he'll be running for president in 2020 — because how else did you expect that speech to end? Seriously? — West openly admitted he'd smoked weed before the show. ""Did he smoke something before he came here?'" West said, suggesting that's what everybody was thinking. "The answer is yes! I rolled up a little something to knock the edge off!" The crowd cheered, because it's 2015 and if Miley Cyrus can spend half of the VMAs making jokes about being high, then Kanye West sure as hell doesn't have to be shy about it.

Kanye is one of, oh, only about a million celebrities who have admitted they've smoked weed — and let's not forget our president himself, Barack Obama, once known as alleged president of the "Choom Gang," which is exactly what it sounds like — but Kanye wasn't asked about it in an interview, nor was he cracking jokes à la Cyrus. Nope, Kanye just wanted everyone to know that he was in a great place, and that, if some of what he was saying on stage sounded a bit odd — like, I don't know, Kanye West 2020? — then maybe it could be partially attributed to all the green stuff he'd inhaled before stepping onstage.

Look, if "you do you" was in the dictionary, a picture of West's face would be next to it. West marches to the beat of his own drum, and I don't doubt that even if the War on Drugs wasn't a distant memory, Kanye would have still gone up on stage and jovially announced that he was high, while Kim beamed from the front row. Honestly, admitting he's high during a speech is probably one of the least remarkable things he's ever done.