What Do Miley Cyrus' "Dead Petz" Song Titles Mean?

If Miley Cyrus's array of eclectic outfits during the VMAs wasn't enough to break your brain tonight, then her unexpected release of the album "Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz" sure did. But what are the songs on Miley Cyrus' "Dead Petz" about? We know this much for sure already: Miley named the album to commemorate her literal dead pets, including her dog Klee Lai Floyd, who unexpectedly passed in September 2014, as well as her dog Lila who passed in 2012 and a blowfish named Pablow who passed this past February.

Cyrus' love for animals is so well-known that it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that she is dedicating an entire album to them — she has commemorated all of her past pets with tattoos, and even wrote a song for Pablow. But knowing who the album is dedicated to doesn't do much to demystify who the rest of the album is for, especially with titles like these. I have a feeling we're all going to have to give these a few hearty listens before we can be entirely sure who they are about, since decoding a Miley Cyrus song isn't as easy as decoding, say, something written by Taylor Swift. But here is what it seems like some of the songs on the album are about, based on what we know so far:

"Karen, Don't Be Sad"

This song, an unexpected ballad somewhat reminiscent of "Hey Jude," is clearly not about any of Miley's pets. A quick search through her friends and fellow artists doesn't reveal much either, so in all likelihood Karen could be one of the many homeless youth that Cyrus works with in her Happy Hippie Foundation, a charity that combines music and homeless awareness.

"Something About Space Dude"

Although the song certainly has a very ~astronomical vibe~, this song is definitely not about outer space. Rather, this seems to be some vague illusion to someone she had sex with — although the tone of it seems to be pretty relaxed, since she kept the recording of herself instructing them to keep a verse in the song. The jury is still out on this one, since it doesn't immediately seem to be about any of her recognizable exes. Thoughts, anyone?

"Pablow The Fish"

R.I.P., Pablow. Cyrus' beloved blowfish died unexpectedly in February 2015. For those of you thinking that this song was some kind of metaphor, NOPE. This is as raw as it gets. Like, more raw than "Wrecking Ball." (Bonus: the slight vegetarian-shaming in the second verse. Note to self, never eat sushi out with Cyrus.)

"Miley Tibetan Bowlzz"

This song has no lyrics, but for those of you who are tempted to think that "bowlzz" is some reference to drugs, you're in for a plot twist. It's actually a nod to the ancient instrument, Tibetan singing bowls. You can hear its distinctive stylings throughout the song, the echoes of it playing overtones in second and third harmonics. The instruments themselves are thought to date back as early as 10th century A.D.

"Milky Milky Milk"

This is the most sexualized milk will ever be ... ever. It's hard to fully hear the words in this one because it has a very psychedelic vibe, but she references the "milky, milky gods" and how "your lips make me so wet." Or maybe it's a reference to this 1994 sitcom sketch from Mr. Strange, "Milky Milky"? Either way, you do you, Miley.

"I Forgive Yiew"

Urban Dictionary defines "yiew" as "an expression used in times of great joy/excitement/euphoria: a hoot or holler in recognition of such an event". Alas, that was from 2006, so I don't think it has all that much context here. Is it possible this is a late nod to ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth? The break-up was brand new after the release of her last album, so certainly enough time has passed for her to able to comment on it as lightly as she does in this song.

"BB Talk"

I personally believe this one is about Liam Hemsworth — particularly because of the monologue she half-talks, half-raps at the beginning and between the verses. The whole vibe sounds reminiscent of the complicated nature of their relationship and breakup. The way she catalogues the way that she and this person used to be friends, and their interactions with friends were tinged with a certain awkwardness because he was overly-affectionate, and prone to "bb talk" narrows it down pretty specifically because Hemsworth is the only person she publicly dated in such a long-term way. (She is now rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell, for those of you off the Miley beat.)

Of course, we have all the time in the world to speculate, and since Cyrus dropped the album for free, we've got nothing but excuses to listen to these songs over and over until our theories are fully refined. In the meantime, #bless you, Miley. We're going to be jamming to these songs all the live long day.

Image: Wikimedia; Giphy