14 Unanswered Questions 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Still Have About Mona & The Fate Of Her Character

Though the main focus of the Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale was centered around CeCe and the fact that she was indeed the big bad A, she certainly wasn't the only character to pique our interest throughout that pivotal hour. Among the many secrets and mysteries that came to light, fans learned the it was Mona who hit Bethany over the head with a shovel — mistaking her for Alison at the time — which tragically led to her death. And while Mona seemed legitimately ashamed of her actions (as she very well should), this just further proved how little we still know about her true intentions and motivations. Suffice to say, there are still plenty of questions PLL fans have about Mona, who's proven on more than one occasion to be the show's greatest enigma.

She may have helped the Liars out of some pretty tight spots as of late, but I'm still extremely unsure where exactly her loyalties lie. This girl has proven to be the queen of the double-cross, making it almost impossible to predict her next move. Granted, that's kinda why we all love her like we do, but that doesn't make me any less curious as to what's going on inside that devious little head of hers. So when PLL Season 6B makes its grand debut, let's hope the writers take some time to answer some of these pressing Mona-centric questions.

1. Did Mona really not know A's identity?

2. I mean, if she was lucid enough to carry out CeCe's plans then how could she not remember who she was having the conversations with?

3. Was that why Mona was CeCe's favorite in the dollhouse lair? Because she was on her side the whole time?

4. In that case, did she also know that Sara Harvey was Red Coat and Black Widow?

5. Did they secretly vent to each other about having to wear that yellow, ruffled tank top all the time?

6. And what about that anagram the Liars found in her room? Doesn't that prove that she knew who A was all along?

7. Are Mike and Mona still together post-time jump?

8. What happened to Mona in the finale?

9. She opted to stay behind in CeCe's not-so-secret tech room, but why? What did she end up seeing in there?

10. Who's side is Mona actually on?

11. Where did Mona go to college?

12. Did Mona go to college?

13. Is she helping whoever is coming after Alison in the 5-year time jump?

14. Can we trust her?

Though, given the title of the show, I suppose the last question kinda answers itself. For more PLL fun, check out Bustle's latest podcast for Taking This One To The Grave below:

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