6 Times CeCe Definitely Wasn't A On 'Pretty Little Liars' & Must've Let An Accomplice Do Her Bidding

To say that a lot of terrible things have happened to the Liars throughout the years on Pretty Little Liars would be a bit of an understatement. These poor girls have been put through the torment rigger hundreds — nay, thousands — of times, at least. And while we now know that CeCe Drake is Big A on Pretty Little Liars , it's still unclear how many of these tragic events were actually her handiwork or the antics of one of her many minions. Because as much as we tend to label her as the ultimate and only villain, there were quite a few horrific instances where CeCe wasn't A. Well, at least not the A responsible for certain Rosewood occurrences.

Mona… Wilden… Shana… All of these characters played a significant part in making the Liars' lives miserable at one point or another. And thanks to a recent tell-all interview Entertainment Weekly had with I. Marlene King after the finale, we can now narrow down some of those rare instances when CeCe wasn't, in fact, the person behind the hoodie. So just in case you're still slightly unsure which A is to blame for which crime, here's a helpful little guide that will allow you to point the A finger in the proper direction.

1. Ian's Suicide Note

Though we originally thought Ian's suicide was faked, King clarified that "Ian killed himself but Mona staged the note and the crime scene." This explains why the note was created out of all A's text messages, which was both equally genius and super creepy. That has Mona written all over it.

2. Killing Garrett

This one falls completely under Wilden's jurisdiction, according to King. In fact, this wasn't even apart of CeCe's instructions. Wilden just kinda went rogue. "Garrett found out that Wilden was a dirty cop and was going to tell. [Wilden] was acting on his own," she told EW.

3. Putting Aria In The Box

Since Wilden was the one to actually do the crime, it stems to reason that he was also responsible for trapping Aria inside that box with his dead body. You know, just in case you hadn't already written him off as being a complete and total jerk. So here's more fuel for that fire.

4. Shooting Ezra

On the off chance you were having any lingering suspicions that there were two As at play during the Liars' NYC excursion, King came right out and admitted that Shana was the one to pull that trigger.

5. Hanna Getting Hit By A Car

This wasn't from the interview, but rather just something we know as fact. Mona hit Hanna with the car, not CeCe. And while that's certainly grounds to break up a normal friendship, PLL seems to be the exception to the rule when it comes to such things. This is probably because terrible things happen to them on a regular basis, so you've gotta learn to let the smaller stuff slide. And I guess a hit and run falls under that category?

6. Killing Jessica DiLaurentis

CeCe was the one who found and buried her body, but it's safe to say she is not the A-like culprit to this particular crime. Mrs. D's actual killer remains a mystery and is still at large. Let's just hope that question is answered when Pretty Little Liars returns for Season 6B in January.

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