These Are The Most Right-Swiped College Campuses On Tinder

As we start off the brand new school year, with a our new fancy new school clothes, and Lisa Frank notebooks (because we’re never too for Lisa Frank), it’s also important to make sure you’re going the right university or college. There are over 2,000 four-year schools out there and they’re filled with singles who are swiping left and right on Tinder, and I'm sure you want to be in the "right" crowd. Since that's the case obviously you want to know what the most right-swiped campuses this year are, right? Hang on; I'm getting to that.

Tinder, the dating app from which we all have both good and bad stories to share, spent this past spring analyzing swipes by both men and women between the ages of 18 and 23. It was from there that they found where the most desirable men and women go to school, at least based on those right swipes. What they found was that, although the swipes between and men and women were really different for the top 50 list, the University of Mississippi made into the top 10 for both guys and gals. It also found that the four most right-swiped guys go to religiously-affiliated schools, and the profiles that receive the most right swipes are the ones with bios. Also, the most attractive women seem to be going to public schools, while the hot guys can be found at private schools or military academies.

But, because I know you’re dying to see if your university or college made the list, here are the top 10 right-swiped spots for guys and gals.

Top Girls

10. University Of Iowa

The only thing I know about the University of Iowa is that it has one of a hell of a graduate writing program. Even Hannah Horvath went there until she completely alienated herself and was pretty much forced back to Brooklyn.

9. University Of Arizona

Other than the fact that Bob Dole went here and they get killer hot temperatures, that's all I know about Arizona.

8. Iowa State University

Iowa is on here twice? I guess the Beach Boys' lyrics did have some validity after all: "The Midwest farmer's daughters really make you feel alright."

7. Boise State University

And the love for the Midwest continues on...

6. Colorado State

And on.

5. University Alabama

In the middle of this Midwest love for women, Alabama sneaks in here for a hot minute.

4. University Of Colorado Boulder

But now we're back up to University of Colorado Boulder. Having lived in Boulder the summer after graduation, there are definitely some good looking people out there, a lot of whom are hippies... who wear patchouli. Yum.

3. University Of Mississippi

Ah yes; it's the only school that both men and women swiped right enough to get it on this top 10 list for both sexes. Bravo!

2. University Of Miami

I can see this being a big school for right swipes, as I imagine there are a lot of bikini shots in the profiles. Why else would someone go to school in Florida if not for the beach?

1. Florida State University

And, coming in at number one for the most amount of right swipes for women, is Florida State University. Take note.

Top Guys

10. UNC Chapel Hill

Boys in North Carolina do have the tendency to make women swoon, that's for damn sure.

9. University Of Mississippi

Once again, we have the favorite amongst everyone with the University of Mississippi.

8. University Of Virginia

This is definitely the place for women who prefer men with southern charm.

7. Dartmouth

As New Hampshire girl who spent time up at Hanover on the weekends, I can attest to the fact that guys at Dartmouth are super adorable.

6. Yale

Who doesn't love a pretentious ivy-league guy? I kid! Only the Harvard kids are the pretentious ones. I do not kid there.

5. Air Force Academy

Well, they do say women love a man in a uniform.

4. Texas Christian University

Texas and Christian? Sounds a little too Republican for my blood. I'd swipe left.

3. University Of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame is also a religious affiliated school, as it's Catholic. But more importantly, Nichols Sparks went there!

2. Brigham Young University

I think the lesson is slowly but surely coming along: Religious-affiliated schools really do draw the best looking men.

1. Georgetown University

Smart, rich, and probably headed toward a career in politics? Sure, I'll swipe right.

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