LMHQ & Bustle To Host Geek Chic Body Positivity Panel For New York Fashion Week, Featuring Carrie Hammer, Essie Golden, & More

The perfect way to finish off your New York Fashion Week this season will undoubtedly be with an exploration of the world of Geek Chic at LMHQ. Lower Manhattan HQ is teaming up with Bustle to host a body positive panel, which two of Bustle's Fashion and Beauty Editors will co-moderate. It'll be a chance for the panelists and attendees to discuss the intersection of body positivity and fashion, and all that comes with it.

After the panel, the Geek Chic event will continue with an exclusive comedy show hosted by Sue Smith. The night will also play host to fake tattoos, cookies, and heaps and heaps of confidence-inducing conversation. Beginning at 6 p.m. on Sept. 17, Geek Chic costs only $10 and is sure to be a chance to celebrate the nerdier side of style.

Onto the panelists, though. The show has brought together some big names from the body positive community — including plus size model Essie Golden, Bustle's own Meg Zulch (whose work delves into the intersection of body positivity as well as LBGTQ rights and fashion), designer Carrie Hammer (founder of Role Models Not Runway Models), and writer Ushshi Rahman. Co-moderating the panel will be Bustle's Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor Kara McGrath and Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor Marie Southard Ospina.

Following a screening of Marc Jacobs' spring/summer collection, these body pos influencers will discuss how the sartorial world is slowly becoming more free-thinking when it comes to embracing diversity, but also hope to highlight the many areas where it could still be improved.

After the sure-to-be-fevered conversation of the panelists will be the "Feminist Funnies" portion of the night, which will see Sue Smith hosting in a collaborative effort with Elna Baker, Sara Armour, Molly Austin, Shamikah Martinez, and Rita Chin. These women will undoubtedly take you from serious panel debates to lighthearted feminist-friendly humor.

Set to be an insightful investigation into alternative styles and under-represented, marginalized groups of people, Geek Chic will be the perfect closer to an eventful NYFW.

You can purchase tickets on Eventbrite now!

Images: Courtesy Carrie Hammer, Ushshi Rahman, Essie Golden, Meg Zulch, Kara McGrath, Marie Southard Ospina, LMHQ