7 Shows 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Should Watch When The Hiatus Pain Really Kicks In

If you're suffering from a serious case of Pretty Little Liars withdrawal, you're not alone. There's nothing sadder than turning on ABC Family at 8 p.m. on a Tuesday night only to realize that you won't be watching a new episode of PLL. Fans of the mystery drama are seriously committed, and the months when the show is MIA can feel pretty empty. No more clues to decipher? No more hot dudes who may or may not be secretly evil? No more adorable Haleb moments? The world can look a little gray without our favorite PLL moments. But before you give up on television entirely, fear not: There are plenty of shows that may be able to fill the void while you wait for the next season. (Sorry, but you'll have to wait for more Haleb, though.)

While no show will ever be able to replicate Pretty Little Liars, some of its best qualities can be spotted on other television shows. These series may not have the entire PLL package, but you'll definitely recognize some of the ABC Family's DNA in these other series. So, what shows should you watch while waiting for the Pretty Little Liars mystery to pick back up? These TV shows might be just what you need:

1. How To Get Away With Murder

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If you're looking for a seriously juicy murder mystery, feast your eyes on this ABC drama. The show opens with not one murder, but two: the murder of a college co-ed and an unseen person whose murder is being covered up by the show's four main characters. Like Pretty Little Liars, How To Get Away With Murder also involves young people in situations way behind what they thought they could handle, but unlike the ABC Family show, there's not a whole lot of trust between this group of friends. The series, which will begin its second season in September, will keep you guessing up to the final moments.

2. Scream

MTV on YouTube

If you love the PLL 's Halloween episodes because of their upped creep factor, you're going to die over MTV's TV series, which is (very) loosely based on the original film franchise. In this series, the young residents of Lakewood are being picked off by a person (or maybe persons?) in the mask worn by Brandon James, the person who killed a bunch of high schoolers way back when. Is Brandon back? Avoid spoilers on this show at all cost, because as in the original slasher flick, characters bite the dust without much warning.

3. Hidden Palms

sallyteen on YouTube

Craving a mystery you can figure out in only a few episodes? This short-lived series, which you can stream on Hulu, is a Kevin Williamson brain child (he wrote the original Scream) and features a mystery in a town not unlike Rosewood. When a new guy moves to the sleepy, affluent town of Palm Springs, he has to figure out exactly what happened to the person who used to live in his house: Did he really commit suicide, or are the town residents hiding a major secret? Duh, it's the latter.

4. Veronica Mars

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The critically acclaimed teen drama was so beloved that a fan-backed Kickstarter gave it new life on the big screen. If you haven't checked it out yet, the series is about Veronica, a high schooler/private detective who makes money solving crimes for her wealthy peers at Neptune High while also searching for answers about her best friend's murder. Popular girl Lily has plenty of secrets, just like other "murdered" Queen Bee Ali from Pretty Little Liars, which we learn about through dreamy flashbacks.

5. Twisted

XXDoolXX1 on YouTube

If you're a Pretty Little Liars superfan, there's a chance that you already tuned in to Twisted, which ABC Family partnered with PLL during its initial run. But if not, you can watch the entirety of this sadly short-lived series on Netflix. The initial mystery on Twisted is ridiculously dark: a young boy named Danny kills his aunt in cold-blood, and not even his two best friends can figure out why. When a teenage Danny returns home, a student is murdered, and Danny is to blame. Twisted has plenty of good ol' murder mystery, but it also has lots of love triangles and pretty wonderful friendship moments.

6. Eye Candy

MTV on YouTube

A is friendly compared to Eye Candy's hooded stalker. Before MTV premiered Scream, they aired this thriller, which lasted only one season but concluded with an awesome twist ending. The series stars Victoria Justice as Lindy, a computer hacker who aids people in finding their missing loved ones. Unfortunately, she is also being stalked around New York by a killer who will hurt anyone who comes between him and Lindy. If you thought that A didn't have any follow through, let's just say that the Eye Candy stalker doesn't have that problem — this series is plenty gory.

7. Ravenswood

Freeform on YouTube

This is the only supernatural show on the list, but it features one very important PLL factor: Caleb Rivers. This Pretty Little Liars spinoff never got the acclaim of the original series (nor the viewers, hence its cancellation) but if you wanted to spend way more time with Caleb than Pretty Little Liars allows for, it's certainly worth a view. The series follows Caleb as he learns the dark secrets of his family's past, which, tragically, take him away from Hanna and Rosewood. Knowing that he will eventually return to PLL makes this show a much easier viewing experience, and if you're looking for a show that expands the universe of the original series, it's the only one on this list that can do that for you.

Don't stress about the Pretty Little Liars hiatus; use it as a chance to catch up on these shows. You may get wrapped up in them just enough to forget about the lack of PLL in your life — at least, temporarily.

Image: ABC Family