Is Julia A 'BB17' Pawn, Or A Backdoor Target?

After a seemingly endless reign of terror in the Big Brother house, The Austwins are in trouble now that one of their own is on the block. James used the POV to take himself off the block, and Vanessa has nominated Julia as his replacement. Vanessa claims that Julia is going up as a pawn and that Meg is still the true target, but with a few days between the POV meeting and the approaching double eviction, is she truly safe, or could Julia be evicted from Big Brother come Thursday night? Vanessa has lied to everyone in the house, so whoever she nominates is an enemy in some way. There has been a lot of talk in the house over the past couple weeks about the looming danger of the Austwins winning the entire game. Would the houseguests really let this opportunity to evict one of them slip by?

Vanessa is working with John and Steve, a partnership she seems committed to as she did not nominate either of them as a replacement nominee. John proudly proclaimed that his target would be Meg in his post-eviction interview last week (huh?) and Steve may not have a good enough reason to turn on the Austwins yet, but Julia is by no means safe.

Here's how the votes will probably fall during this week's live eviction.

Austin & Liz: 2 Votes To Keep Julia

This is super obvious. The only reason Austin might want to evict Julia is so Liz has no other friends in the house aside from himself, thus giving Liz no reason to spend any moment of time without him. Of course, he probably knows that Liz would be extremely angry if he voted to evict her sister, so he should keep himself in check. Liz and Julia are extremely loyal to each other, so there is no reason for Liz to evict her twin. These two voting to keep her is a sure bet.

James: 1 Vote To Evict Julia

James' best-buddy is on the block, and there's no way he will be voting to evict her. While the Jeg showmance doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon (unfortunately), James and Meg are still the closest duo in the house aside from the twims and Liz/Austin. James will be voting to evict Julia, but there's no indication that he's going to put a lot of effort into trying to save her, as James and Meg both think that there is no way Steve or John will vote to evict Julia.

Steve & John: 2 Votes To Keep Julia (Probably)

Steve and John are the wildcards here. Despite having both been on the block last week, they will be deciding who goes to jury. John seems to be targetting Meg, which seems like a waste of the situation. However, Meg has also said she would target John before the Austwins, so John may just be looking out for himself. Steve, on the other hand, has told the cameras that he plans to evict Meg this week, but if he wins HOH during the double eviction, he hopes to nominate Austin and Liz. If he wants to take out the Austwins, why not do so now when he has the perfect opportunity?

John and Steve are in a fantastic position to make a big strike against the biggest competitive force in the house — it's too bad they seem to want to play it safe. However, the house goes down to six players next week, which means the Austwins will literally take up half of it. If James and Meg are willing to work with John and Steve, they might just be able to take their shot at the Austwins. If they don't evict Julia now, they may never get the chance to.

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Image: CBS