Photos Of Justin & His Son Make The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Melt Your Heart On & Off Screen

Leaving behind your life to search for love in "paradise" might seem unconventional and fun, but contestants on Bachelor in Paradise also have to leave their loved ones for weeks — and that can't be easy. For the parents on the show, leaving your child is surely one tough thing to do. That's why I am rooting for Justin on Bachelor in Paradise to find love and return home with a forward-moving relationship. Justin is the loving father to an adorable son, Aury, and it's pretty obvious by photos just how much he loves him. Hopefully leaving his son and going to Paradise — he did arrive later than most — results in some type of relationship, but if not, something tells me Aury would welcome his dad back with open arms.

Justin welcomed his son Aury, full name Aurelius, with Autumn Pippenburg, a former relationship. His mom made an adorable Facebook "scrapbook" of all things Aury that anyone would completely melt over. Justin has also shared really adorable photos of him and his son on his social media platforms. Seriously, I know Bachelor in Paradise probably isn't the best setting for a little boy, but I think Aury would get all of the date cards if Justin had brought him with.

Father/Son Bonding Time

I mean, they're both adorable.

Three Generations Together

You've got to love the fact that Justin is so into spending time with his dad and his son, right?

Aury Has A Knack For The Camera

Maybe he gets his goofy side from his dad?

Going Fishing Together

Maybe Aury is teaching dad how to "hook" a lady.

Taking Business Meetings Together

I don't know what is more adorable — the Dora the Explorer backpack, the stuffed dinosaur, or Aury.

I told you these two were adorable. There's still time for Justin to meet someone perfect for him on Bachelor in Paradise, but if not, I'm sure Aury will make him forget about it.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC