Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Addict Lipstick Commercial Is The Most Glam Thing She's Done Yet

In case you needed yet another reason to love her (you didn't, but let's throw one out there for good measure), Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Addict commercial is here, according to Fashionista, and it proves she is just as glamorous as she is cool. Seriously, is there anything this girl cannot do?

Between winning Oscars, filming hit movies, having the best summer ever with BFF Amy Schumer, and (maybe) dating Chris Martin (just to name a few), J. Law also found time to make a short film for Dior's Addict lipstick line. So she is basically all around #lifegoals. The short film is literally short, giving us 20 glorious seconds of a glammed up Jennifer spinning in a chair, applying magenta lipstick, and nailing the whole "femme fatale" vibe. Also, I've never in my life wanted to wear bright pink lipstick so badly.

The Hunger Games actress was named the face of the French brand's lipstick back in May, so this video is our first glimpse of her commercial, and it definitely delivered on every single level. Well, except that it was only 20 seconds long, so hopefully there's a lot more Jennifer/Dior amazingness waiting for us in the near future.

Though it might be short, there's definitely some sweet moments worth a shoutout:

She Looks Like This Putting On Lipstick...

If this were me, I'd be a hot mess with pink ALL OVER my face and teeth.

Those Earrings, Though.

Tres, tres chic.

That Dress.

Those side ties! The slit! That shade!


Literally, the epitome of old Hollywood glamour.

One More Fierce Chair Shot...

Bad. Ass.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube