Why Is Mackenzie So Into Aliens? This 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Believes In Life On Mars (& Everywhere Else)

So, if you’ve never seen any episode of The Bachelor or just missed Chris Soules’ season (for which I wouldn’t blame you because it felt like Sleeping Beauty’s 100-year nap), you’re probably wondering why Bachelor in Paradise star Mackenzie keeps talking about aliens. Well, you see, the girl just... really likes them. This all started on her first one-on-one date with Chris, where the two talked about her son, Kale; his big schnoz (she told him he had a big nose, which, lol); and aliens. That’s right — Mackenzie is super interested in extraterrestrial life.

She’s way too young to have watched The X-Files while it was still on, but I’m totally sure she watches it now on DVD. Basically, she believes that they’re out there and would definitely, totally want to meet them if given the chance. Honestly, it’s nothing too crazy or conspiracy theory-ish — we all have our interests, and Mackenzie’s interest just happens to be aliens.

So, why is she still talking about them now? Well, I think of Mackenzie’s aliens as something akin to Claire’s raccoons. It’s a plot device to make the people at home laugh, and it's how people identify her. I think this whole practice by the producers is offensive, really, because why do women always have to be crazy or quirky or offbeat?

Especially because Mackenzie blogged that her love of aliens was a little overblown by the show.

Ok I have to say I am not as obsessed with aliens as most of you seem to think. Yes, I do believe in them but it's not an obsession or even anything I bring on normal first dates. On my date on The Bachelor with Chris, I asked him if he believed in aliens. First of all, what you didn't see was that our date was a few hours long and we had talked about a lot of other things. Such as, my dad passing away six months prior to coming on the show. That was an intense topic for me and I wanted to lighten the mood by saying something funny - I mean yes what is said was true but it's kind of a funny topic! I guess I am just weird and have strange sense of humor. I wanted him to see that right off the bat because things are happening so quickly. It's The Bachelor, people.

But, at least it marks an otherwise quiet contestant like Mackenzie and makes her stand out individually in a sea of blonde extensions and ruffled going-out tops. Mackenzie even showed up to Paradise in a shirt with an alien face on it, so she's in on the joke, at least.

Mackenzie’s affection for undiscovered alien races is her calling card, but it doesn’t end there. She’s also expressed her interest in mermaids, which I think she has a better chance of seeing while she’s in Mexico than aliens. Now that she’s unofficially-possibly-officially married to Justin, I just hope that he can share her love for anything extraterrestrial.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell