Which Jenny Mollen Tweets Upset Samantha From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Sam Picked A Fight Over Something Petty

After Paradise was supposed to be Samantha Steffen’s time to shine and really tell her story, but man, did she get caught up in minutia and pretty much blow it. Samantha's been painted as the villain of this season of Bachelor in Paradise basically for talking to all the guys prior to taping and then lying and saying she did nothing of the sort. She also stole one of those guys right from under one of her friends. I’m cool with stacking the deck and dating a few guys at once, but why lie about it? Anyway, Samantha, who claims to not even know what the word “drama” means, came on After Paradise to defend herself, and instead, Samantha insisted that co-host Jenny Mollen not be on stage when she was on stage because Jenny had supposedly said mean things about her on Twitter. Talk about drama! So which Jenny Mollen tweets was Samantha upset about?

For those of you who don’t know, Jenny Mollen is a New York Times best-selling author and an avid tweeter of all the Bachelor Nation shows, so it’s not, like, a surprise that she would have something to say about what is happening on Bachelor In Paradise.

I took a look at Jenny’s most recent tweets about Sam. Let’s see what’s so offensive that the two couldn’t share the same soundstage.

So, which one of these tweets would make Sam feel like she couldn’t tell her story while Jenny was on stage with her? Um, none of them? There’s nothing really scandalous here, and certainly nothing that’s worse than anything an anonymous Twitter user has already said to Sam. Though Jenny eventually came back in order to ask Sam all of the questions that she needed to get off her chest (I would have, too), anything Sam had to say defending her place on Bachelor In Paradise was nullified by that little temper tantrum she had before it. It is literally Jenny’s job to talk about Bachelor In Paradise, and Sam looked silly in making a big deal out of it. If her goal was to prove she's drama-free, she did a bad job of it. Better luck next time, Sam.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell