18 Extremely Outdated 'Real Housewives' Looks (Caution: Ruffles Ahead)

Aside from watching the scandalous action on Real Housewives and hearing the ladies' hilarious one-liners, I just love to see what the women are wearing. They are chronically battling to be the best dressed Housewife on their respective shows, and sometimes this means going for the latest and greatest trends. But when you go extremely trendy, a few years pass and the look is extremely dated. There are plenty of dated Real Housewives outfits from the early days of the series that will definitely make you smile and cringe.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of my Housewives no matter what they wear, but some of their old outfits give me some major giggles when I check them out today. I am sure that a lot of us tried rocking similar styles back in the day, we were just lucky enough not to have our fashion missteps documented on an internationally syndicated reality television show.

So without further ago, here are some of the most dated Real Housewives looks from back in the early days of the franchise. Prepare your eyes for more ruffles than you could ever imagine.

1. Nene's Patterned Head Scarf & Cut Out Shoulder Top

Nowadays I picture upscale glamour and outrageous blonde wigs when I think of NeNe Leakes' style. This patterned head scarf and casual top with the shoulders cut out is just not what I would expect from NeNe.

2. Kim's Black Vest & Yellow Top

Kim Zolciak's look from the first Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is so not the Kim we know and love today. She is more than covered up in this long sleeve buttoned top and black vest.

3. Vicki & Lauri Rocking The Embellished Top & Fur Vest

For the first two seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County, all of the Housewives rocked those tacky tops with the metallic adornment on the chest, so I had to include at least one of them. And Lauri Peterson is just such a trendy 2000s girl with that fur vest. I just don't get when it would ever be appropriate to wear a fur vest in sunny California.

4. Teresa's Beret

Teresa Giudice is really channeling Samuel L. Jackson with this beret.

5. Kim's Ruffle Top

I'm all for Kim dying in Dior if that's what she wants, but I just hope it's not this ruffle top.

6. Vicki's Hot Pink Ruffle Top

I don't even know what to make of this because I'm distracted by the surplus of ruffles.

7. Gretchen's Tiara & Corset Top

Gretchen really took her princess persona way too far with the tiara in her hair, elaborate necklace, and the corset top. It was just way too many trends happening at once, and I just don't see the need to ever wear a tiara in a casual setting.

8. Sheree's Ruffled Shirt

Enough with the ruffles already!

9. Kim's Denim Jacket

These days it seems like denim jackets are coming back, so this outfit is both dated and trendy at the same time I suppose. The one thing that is indisputably dated is Kim's daughter's Juicy Couture reference in response to her Dior comment.

10. Jo's Mesh Paneled Top

Jo De La Rosa's top was probably a hot pick at the time.

11. Melissa's Gold Jacket

The only slight fault I can find in Melissa Gorga's fashion history is this gold jacket and matching necklaces. She can do better than looking like a wannabe pop star.

12. Sheree's Feather Earrings & Phaedra's Britney Spears Hat

I remember when feathers were all over the place. From the hair clip-ins to earrings, they definitely had their moment in the 2000s. Thankfully that has passed, but unfortunately Sheree Whitfield was documented wearing some. And Phaedra Parks is really channeling vintage Britney Spears with that newsboy hat.

13. Teresa's Tunic & Leggings Pairing

Teresa is usually glammed up, so I'm pretty thrown to see episode one Teresa wearing a tunic and leggings — but I guess everyone's worn this outfit at some point.

14. Vicki's Patterned Tank

Way too many trendy patterns happening on one tank top.

15. Kim's Camel Ruffled Top

This is the one time that the ruffles aren't what's distracting me here.

16. Everyone On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 1

From the wide belts to the patterns, these outfits from Season 1 of RHOA are just full of elements that need to remain in the past.

17. Teresa's Purple Hat & Fur

I don't know what Teresa was thinking when she decided to rock a purple fur coat and a purple hat.

18. NeNe's Ruffle Top

I really cannot deal with all of the Housewives loving these ruffled tops!

The Real Housewives are my favorite people on the planet that I've never actually met. I love everything about them, even these not-super-cute outfits from their early days on the show. Hopefully, they can laugh at their past fashion faux pas, and judging by the show, I'm sure they can.

Images: RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr (18)