The One Hairstyle You Need To Learn Before Fall

With a new season around the corner, now is the perfect time to adopt a new fall hairstyle. As delightful as summery, sea salt-infused loose waves appear during the sunny months, the coiffure doesn't translate well to buttoned-up corporate offices. However, simply because you've tucked away your bikinis and sundresses for the season does not mean your hair has to go into hibernation as well. Autumn's crop of trends revolve around innovative aesthetics, and the hair that hit the Fall 2015 runways was no exception. Circular barrettes pinioning glossy half updos and low ponytails polished off the ensembles at Rochas and Derek Lam, while silken, rocker-inspired curls adorned models at Roberto Cavalli and Jason Wu. If you adore experimenting with your locks, Fall 2015 may just be your season to shine. However, one 'do dominated the rest with its insouciant cool-girl mien, kicking lesser styles to the curb.

Simultaneously elegant and undone, the mussed updo ruled the runways with its piecey texture and flyaway strands, causing audience members to frantically snap pictures with the iPhones in hopes of perfectly recreating the look. The undone updo aesthetically communicates to the world that the wearer cares about the state of their locks enough to create a semblance of a style, but simply hasn't the time in their teeming schedule to hone the look. Such a coiffure is equal parts utilitarian and sultry, as the style can only be improved by a passionate embrace or a strong gust of October wind.

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And perhaps most importantly, the style is simple to accomplish when armed with the correct implements. Volumizing mousse, texturizing spray, a handful of bobby pins, and a spritz of dry shampoo or hairspray is all the equipment you need to channel your inner free spirit.

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The beauty of the rumpled updo, aside from its immediate aesthetic appeal, is the style's customizable nature. The linchpin of the look is its emphasis on imperfection, whether you achieve said disarray with a dab of dry shampoo or by pulling a handful of strands from a formerly smooth 'do. Fundamentally, the coiffure begins with a braid or bun which is then fashioned into a tousled french twist or coiled updo. If you're intrigued by adopting the versatile 'do this autumn to offset your twee mini skirts and cheeky suede boots, take a peek at hairstyle guru Chloe Morello's quick and simple updo tutorial for one alluring permutation of the look.

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