Is Calvin Harris In Taylor Swift’s "Wildest Dreams" Video? This Fan Theory Actually Sounds Legit

Chances are you were distracted by the gorgeous scenery and glamorous outfits in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" video. (Same.) But look a little closer and you might find something you missed the first time around. According to a fan theory, Calvin Harris is in the "Wildest Dreams" video. Crazy? Maybe not. Let's take a look.

The theory comes to us courtesy of Tumblr. The post compares the lion in "Wildest Dreams" to Calvin Harris. Swifties who have watched the video one time (or, you know, 100), know the lion is frequently seen in the background of the scenes. Whether Swift is singing in the foreground or the lion is just watching the set of the fictional movie in the music video, he's a calm force and almost seems to be protecting her. This is especially noteworthy given that the lyrics of "Wildest Dreams" predict a doomed relationship. (And the end of the video definitely proves the prophecy true.)

So what's the connection to Harris? According to E! News, Harris changed his Instagram profile photo to that of a lion during the 2015 MTV VMAs — shortly after the "Wildest Dreams" video premiered. You can check out the similarities in the visuals below.

Whether or not you're on board with the Calvin Harris theory, it's clear that Swift has upped the complexity of her videos in the 1989 era. While she's always put out amazing visuals for her singles, fans have gone into overdrive over the most recent videos — and for good reason. They reflect the maturity of her new music and the evolution of her career. Swift is elevating herself as an artist, and it shows in every decision she makes.

Take, for example, the "Blank Space" video. While the clip is a spoof of Swift's media portrayal, there's also a plethora of pop culture references. From Twilight to Mean Girls, the singer was all about placing the story in a larger context. You can check out all of the "Blank Space" references here.

Swifties watching the "Style" video were also quick to notice the famous paper airplane necklace that Harry Styles reportedly gave her. That shot, combined with the name of the song, added layers to the inspiration behind the hit.

Of course, "Bad Blood" was pretty literal in showing a beef with a female friend. Swift chose to not acknowledge which former friend is behind the song, but she did include quite a few movie references in "Bad Blood." It's not necessarily easter eggs, but it does show the detail she weaves into each video.

And that brings us back to "Wildest Dreams." In addition to the Calvin Harris theory, fans are loving the comparisons between the video and Swift's earlier career moments. For example, that billowing yellow dress? So reminiscent of the Speak Now album cover. (And, of course, a moment in the stunning "Begin Again" video.)

The references don't end there. Swift's character in "Wildest Dreams" is named "Marjorie Finn," which is extremely similar to the name of her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay. Pretty cool, right?

Not only are these moments fun for fans to discuss, but they truly establish Swift as one of the most conversation-starting pop stars of 2015.

Images: Giphy; Calvin Harris/ Instagram