Is Tenley Molzahn Is Single After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? She'll Find Her Dream Guy In No Time

I hate to be the bearer of bad news in the Bachelor world, but it looks like Bachelor in Paradise ’s Tenley Molzahn is still single, despite her and Joshua’s current on-screen romance, which seems to be heating up right now, the couple will probably say good-bye before Paradise is over or right after it ends. According to social media, after the show Tenley headed back home to San Diego, while Joshua was back in his native Idaho, where he was spotted welding a rose for new Bachelor Ben Higgin’s mother (OK, adorable and I kind of want one). While Tenley and Joshua's relationship probably ended in a friendship, there is no evidence that they have spent anytime together since the show, unlike Tenley and JJ, who have been hanging out quite a bit as friends.

Now, let’s address the other rumor that floated around for a bit. Tenley was rumored to be dating Ben Higgins, which turned out to be false because as we all know, Ben H. is the new Bachelor. At least what I’ve seen from both Ben and Tenley, if there was anything there at all, he probably wouldn’t have gone on to the show. Even though I think they would make an adorable couple, I don’t think there was anything really going on there. So, everyone can relax about it.

Even though she likely didn’t find love in Paradise, I bet that our girl Tenley probably won’t stay single for long for these reasons.

Her Positivity

Tenley is always putting a positive spin on everything, and it’s going to help her find her next guy. Someone who is constantly smiling and happy with their life is more attractive than being around someone who is constantly negative.

Tenley’s Social Life

Do you guys follow Tenley on social media? She has something new happening everyday. Whether it’s a photoshoot or a beach trip, this girl is always out and about and being social, which I’ve heard can help when trying to find a new guy.

Willingness To Try New Things

If you’re willing to go on Bachelor in Paradise to find love, you are willing to try new things to meet new people. Having that willingness to look outside your comfort zone really attracts people to you.

Her Faith

People who have strong faith tend to attract people who have that same faith. There are religious guys everywhere that would love to take Tenley out on a date. I am sure of it.

Her Loyalty

Last week she peed on Juelia after she was stung by a jellyfish. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is. Loyalty is a quick and easy way to catch someone’s attention.

The Fact That She’s Perfect

I’m sorry, but Tenley is gorgeous, and I’m pretty positive guys everywhere are agreeing with me. On top of all these other great qualities, she’s beautiful. So that helps!

Tenley will find her dream man in no time. And, if not, might I suggest she become the next Bachelorette?

Images: ABC/Bob D’Amico; ABC/Rick Rowell