13 Things Not To Say To A Guy With A Small One

by Liz Newman

First impressions are a slippery slope; especially when it comes your partners, um, downstairs compadre. This rings especially true if said partner isn't exactly packing the heat. While studies show penis size doesn't really matter, for some women it does. And sometimes, you may have just had bigger expectations.

In all seriousness, given that you can be taken off guard it's very important not to panic when you encounter a small penis. Plus, remember there are plenty of ways to make a small penis work for you... multiple times, in fact. Not to mention, sometimes when it's too big it can work against you in more ways than one.

Still, there are certain things to be aware of when you encounter a below average penis, because remember, this is actually a guy's package we're talking about here. What you say matters a lot. You don't want to make him feel bad — especially since this is something a lot of guys are self-conscious about.

In fact, being rendered speechless when you see a small penis is better than saying any of the things below. Trust me.

1. "Don't Worry, I've Seen Smaller."

2. "Awww, It's So Cute!"

3. "Is It In?"

4. "We'll Make This Work."

5. "The Best Things Come In Small Packages"

6. "I'm Actually Pretty Tired. Want To Just Cuddle?"

7. "Ooof... That Sucks."

8. "I'm Not Even Sore!"

9. "I Don't Think You Need The Magnum."

10. "Wow, I've Never Been Able To Fit A Whole One In My Mouth Before!"

11. "Are You Cold?"

12. "I'm Sorry."

13. "So... Now What?"

Now here's how to make it work:

Images: olly/Fotolia; Giphy