Where Can I Get McDonald's All-Day Breakfast? It's Not Just For Californians This Time Around

The fantasy of a world where you can access pillowy Egg McMuffins and savory Sausage Biscuit sandwiches at all hours is about to become a reality when McDonald's all-day breakfast debuts on Oct. 6. But where can you get McDonald's all-day breakfast? Is this some unattainable delight only available to the people of southern California, like year-long summer and regular celebrity sightings? No, no it's not. Bring on the hash browns.

The fast-food giant started testing all-day breakfast in San Diego in March, because there aren't already enough good things about living in that part of the country. At the time, McDonald's spokeswoman Terri Hickey told CNBC that it was "premature to speculate on any outcomes" of the testing, leaving the rest of us to lament the fact that we may be forever forced to abandon hope of a Hotcakes meal after 10:30 a.m. (11 a.m. on weekends). But today McDonald's announced that, following a vote from owners of McDonald's franchises, it would start spreading the all-day-pancake love this fall, and there would basically be no franchise left behind.

That number, 14,300, basically means that all-day breakfast will be available across the country, Lisa McComb, a representative for McDonald's, tells Bustle via email. "It is available nationwide," she says. "However as individual business owners, there may be a restaurant that chooses not to participate, although it’s unlikely. There may also be a physical location that couldn’t accommodate the extra equipment, but essentially, yes, it will be available nationwide." Whether the menu offers biscuit or muffin sandwiches will depend on its location.

I personally would like to meet any of these franchise owners who may foolishly choose to deprive their deserving customers of the joys of a 4 p.m. hash brown and ask them why they are such misanthropes. No word yet on whether all-day breakfast will be available abroad, but taking this worldwide would certainly be a positive as far as our foreign relations go.